Published:  12:00 AM, 02 July 2016

City's main Eid congregation at Jamiatul Falah maidan

City's main Eid congregation at Jamiatul Falah maidan An Eid-ul- Fitr congregation at Jamiatul Falah Maidan previous year -Collected

Brisk preparations are afoot to celebrate the holy Eid-ul- Fitr, the biggest religious festival of Muslim community in the port city and its adjoining areas amidst great solemnity and religious fervor.
Chittagong City Corporation (CCC) and different religious   organizations have completed their necessary preparations for smooth holding of Eid congregations.
The main Eid congregation under the auspices of CCC will be held   at Jamiatul Falah Mosque (JFM) maidan at 8:30 a.m. while the second Eid Jamat will be held at the same place at about 9:15 a.m. on Eid day.Principal of Jameya Ahmadiya Sunnia Alia Madrasha and Khatib of the Jamiutul Falah Mosque Mawlana Mohammad Jalal Uddin Al-Kaderi and Imam of the Mosque Mawlana Abu Jafar Sadeq will conduct the two main Eid-congregations. Another largest Eid congregation will be held at local M A Aziz Stadium at about 8:30 am under the auspices of Chittagong Central Eid Jamaat Committee.
Besides, Eid Jamaat will also be held in as many as  125 Eid places  of 41  wards of the Chittagong City Corporation under the direct supervision of the respective ward commissioners .
Allama Anowar Hossain Taher Jaheri Madani, Khatib of Anderkilla Jame Masjid will conduct the Jamaat to be held at MA Aziz Stadium.
The Eid jamaat will be held at Fatehabad Eidgah Maidan, Khoshal shah Eidgah Maidan,Badar Parir Eidgah Maidan, Shershah Colony Eidgah Maidan, Baizeed Bostami Mosque, Hazrat Baizeed Bostami Maidan, Kulgaon City corporation School and College Maidan, Baluchara Eidgah Maidan, Chalitatali Eidgah Maidan, Panchlaish City Corporation Girls High School Ground, Wajedia High School Ground, Wajedia Alia Eidgah Ground, Nazirbari Jame Mosque, Bhahadderhat Wapada Colony , Al-Amin baria Mosque, Jamea ulum primary School Ground, Baitul Ekram Jame Mosque, Kaderia Jame Mosque, Taiyabia Jame Mosque , Gazi Jame Mosque, Hasem Bazar Jame Mosque, Amin Colony Jute Mill Mosque, Khatiber Hat Jame Mosque, Jamea Ahmedia Sunniya Madrasa Mosque, Bibir hat Jameya Ahmedia Sunniya Maidan, East Nasirabad Shahe Jame Mosque, Nasirabad Government High School Maidan, Madani Shah Jame Mosque, Hazrat Sheik Fharid Chasma Eidgah Maidan, Bolowardhigi Mosque and Maidan, Biwsha Road Maidan, Ispahani Jame Mosque,  West Firoz Shah Eidgah Ground, Kalurghat Juma Mosque, Nesaria Alia Madrasa Maidan, North kattuli Mostafa Hakim Ground, North Kattuli Biswas Para Jame Mosque, B-Block Baitul Azim Jame Mosque, Shagarica Jame Mosque, Mosen Chowdhury JAme Mosque, Chadu Chowdhury Bari Jame Mosque, PS Amin Academy School Maidan, Thana Maidan Eidgah, Bolowardighi Jame Mosque Maidan, Sardar Bahadur Nagar Eidgah Maidan, New Jhawtala Juma Mosque Maidan, Omargani MES colloge Maidan, Lalkham Bazar Jameul Ulum Mosque, Railway Pologround Maidan, Mehedibhag CDA Colony Juma Mosque, East Nasirabad Biplob Uddan Jame Mosque, Hazrat Takshah Mia Road,  C$ B Colony Mosque Ground, Dewanbazar C$B Colony Eidgah Maidan, Darul Ulum Alia Madrasa Maidan, Medical College Mosque Maidan, Baitush Mamur Jame Mosque, Shujarma Jame Mosque Chairman Ghata, Middle Bakalia Forkania Madrasa Mosque, Mia Kham Nagar Mojarul Madrasa Maidan, Bela Khan Sadar Mosque , Eshaker Pol Nur Mohammed Sawdager Mosque, Madrasa Mojarul Islam Ulum Eidgah Maidan, Korbanigonj Mosque, Ghatforhadbeg Atorjan Mosque, Fakir Mohammed Mosque Machua Jharna Lane, Chartali Mosque Ground, Mosque Baitul Nur Khalipha patti, Eakub Ali Sawdagar Jame Mosque , Kazi Syad Mosque Kazem Ali Lane, Rumghata Mosque, Rahamatgonj Bangla College Ground, Eanayet Bazar Jame Mosque, June Shah Jame Mosque, Railway Hospital Colony Jame Mosque, Kashem Bhandary Jame Mosque ,Khan Shah Mosque, Baitul Road Juma Mosque Maidan, Bepari Para Eidgah Maidan, Eidgah Karbalar Maidan, Khan Shaheb Abdul Hakim Mia Mosque, North Halishahar Baitul Azim Complex Maidan, Agrabad Jambury Maidan, Agrabad Commerce College Ground, CDA Agrabad Regional Area Maidan, West Madarbari Abul Khair Mosque, Fakirhat Sheik Abdul Latif Chowdhury Jame Mosque, Sadarghat Monoharkhali Bandar Area Maidan, Collegiate High School Maidan, North Nala Para City Corporation Girls School Maidan, Majhirghat Shahi Bibir Mosque, Stotion Road Juma Mosque Maidan, Chittagonj Shahi Juma Mosque Maidan, Hazrat Shah Sufhi Amanat Shah Maidan, Firingi Bazar Jame Mosque, Sufi Sohbahan Sawdagar Jame Mosque, C$B Colony Jame Mosque Patharghata, Chaktai Naya Mosque, Khatungonj Jame Mosque, Shamsher Khan Wakaf Mosque Maidan Khatungonj, Safarnesa Mosque Halishahar munir nagar, HaliShahar Begum jan High School Ground, Sultan Ahmed Jame Mosque, Katakhali Alishah Mosque, Patenga Islamia Alia Madrasa Jame Ground, Sheik Ahmed Ali Fakir Bari Mosque, North Patenga Hossen Ahmed Para Jame Mosque, South Patenga Omar Faruk Juma Mosque Maidan, Nure Jame Mosque, Abdul Latif Hat Hazi Chand Gazi Jame Mosque, West Firoz Shah Eidgah Maidan, Bakalia Forkania Madrasa, South Kattuli Hamza Chowdhury Bari Jame Mosque, Jarina Mafjal City Corporation Maidan Halishahar, Kapashgola City Corporation School And College Sugandha Jame Mosque, Chatteshaware GaYebi Mosque,Phatantuli Amir Hossen dobhas Ground, Mor Ali Baper Mosque Kalamia Bazar, East Bakalia Government Comercial Institute , Chakbazar City Corporation Jame Mosque, Hazrat Muinuddin Shah Mazar Jame Mosque , Hazir pul Nur Jame Mosque Ground, Alkoron Belal Shah Jame Mosque and Abedin Colony Jame Mosque Eidgah.  

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