Published:  01:21 AM, 12 August 2020

United Hospital launches FENO test

United Hospital launches FENO test Shoeb Chowdhury, Chairman of The Asian Age editorial board, has undergone the first FENO test at United Hospital Limited, Dhaka. -AA

United Hospital Limited, Dhaka has launched FENO test. FENO stands for fractional exhaled nitric oxide.When a patient has asthma, his or her airways become inflamed, making it hard to breathe. There are different types of asthma and there are many diseases that have the same symptoms as asthma.

Knowing if someone's airways are inflamed can help the doctor make the right diagnosis, find the best management plan and monitor the patient's asthma better. One way they can do this is with a FENO test.

When someone breathes out, his or her breath can show if he or she has inflamed airways. A FENO test measures the amount of nitric oxide in a person's breath. This test helps doctors tell if and how much inflammation a person has in his or her airways.

A FENO test is a quick and non-invasive test that is easy for both children and adults to do. To take the test, the doctor will have the patient blow into a handheld device that will track the patient's results. It is usually done in the doctor's office, and the test results are available right away.

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