Published:  01:59 AM, 12 August 2020

Leading the way towards positive reformation

Leading the way towards positive reformation Rakib Al Hasan

Rakib Al Hasan, a medical science student hailing from Cumilla has been representing the country on international social platforms like Organization of Islamic Youth (OIY), Global Youth Parliament (GYP), and Asian Youth Council (AYC), among many others, shedding light on social issues like children welfare, youth entrepreneurship, and other such change-seeking activities.

Alongside wielding the country's flag in conferences both home and abroad, he has also managed to earn a place in the society as a writer and a young change-maker, inspiring the youths to seek transformation towards building a better hemisphere to live in.

Since his adolescence, Rakib dreamt of wearing a white medical apron, serving individuals from ward to ward, giving the proper medical advice and treatment. Taking one small leap towards his goal at a time, he joined med school and is currently pursuing his MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery) at Shaheed Suhrawardy Medical College.

Rakib started his writing career with Oboruddho Karagar in 2015. He has authored 6 other books namely -- Mashrafinama (2016), Raat Teentay Kechu Bektigoto Dibi (2016), Ekti Event Kholar Prostuti Cholche (2017), Durottoma (2018), Bharprapto Premik (2019) and Scooty (2020). "

Being an author and a contributing writer in one of leading Bangladeshi newspapers has helped me come closer to many people and organizations in the country and abroad" smiles Rakib, who's published books are soon to be translated into other languages internationally. "It has not only enhanced my understanding of different social issues, but also helped a lot at picking up different perceptions with time."

While juggling between such initiatives and med studies was never easy for Rakib, his hard work soon paid off. Within a short span of time, the boy from Laksham was now the Global Youth Ambassador at Global Youth Parliament (GYP), Bangladesh Chapter President at Organization of Islamic Youth (OIY) and Country Coordinator of Asia Africa Youth Federation (AAYF).

Last year, Rakib won the Global Youth Leadership Award 2019 for the Influencer category in Nepal, represented Bangladesh as an international delegate in 4th Africa Asia Youth Festival 2019 held in Beijing, China and represented Bangladesh at International Volunteer Forum of Islamic Countries 2020 held in Baku, Azerbaijan.

Even though the coronavirus pandemic has kept Rakib from boarding flights, his urge to seek development has inspired him to opt for the alternative means of communication- the online platforms. "I had been invited to many seminars and full paid conferences but the COVID-19 had put a stop to many while others were brought to online platforms," shares Rakib in this regard. "

I have spoken as a diplomat from World Health Organization (WHO) in one of the conferences regarding to the challenges and issues we are facing during this epidemic, hoping from adaptable solutions to limit harm."

During the last couple of months, he also represented Bangladesh in 3rd Executive Model OIC in held by the Eurasian Regional Center of ICYF (ICYF-ERC) aiming to educate the participants about the ongoing trends, international communication and theories existing contemporarily in his home ground. To add to his list of activities, Rakib is also an international speaker in Pioneer Organization Children of Morocco, and is working to help recovered COVID-19 patients, especially children. 

As a youth leader, Rakib's attempts to uplift the youth spirit could not be shackled by the ongoing pandemic conditions. He has formulated the online platform Lets Meet the Change-Makers to raise social awareness and honor real change makers residing around us. This platform is designed to narrate the stories of aspiring social activists, entrepreneurs, and innovators, bringing them closer to the commoners.  "

Let's Meet the Change-Makers is a tribute to the gems who really brought over innovation to the society," Rakib attests gleamingly. "The society is filled with marvelous personas who are working relentlessly to make the world a better place for others. I want promote their conscience, creativity, and raise awareness by telling their tales of struggle and success."

This show not only discusses life lessons and provides advice on improving soft-skills, but also opens the door to many other opportunities for its viewers. "Projecting success stories from different walks of life inspires others to take a lead as well," he concludes. "It also gives the courage to aim at the stars and shoot at the sky, regardless of resentment or regrets."

Rakib soon wishes to resume his social activities and upon finishing his studies, he aims at working in the health sector only to improve it. As the first big step towards improving the nation's health services, Rakib is currently planning to build an international standard hospital in his in Cumilla with a will to provide only the best medical services and contribute to society.

The writer is a freelancer
and academian.

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