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Haripur Zamindar Bari

Haripur Zamindar Bari

The Zamindari, the area for which the Zamindar was responsible, was 300-400 years ago. Sri Jukto Babu Ghono Sham Kundu was a big businessman during that time, he had a handicraft business. He used to come to this area for business purposes. But once, by cheating, he took over this Zamindari, and started the new Zamindari which followed the Hindu religion.

If you turn 60 years back then you will find the last Zamindar in the history of this area. The Zamindari was ruled by two brothers, one was Sri Jukto Babu Narayan Rai Chowdhury, and the second one was Sri Jukto Babu Bishendro Narayan Rai Chowdhury. Their father was Sri Jukto Babu Rajoshri Jogendro Narayan Rai Chowdhury and their mother was Sham Mohini Chowdhurani.

When you visit this Zamindar Bari, you will find a lot of things which hold their grandeur still, but in a ruined condition. You can see the outstanding terracotta temple, design, famous architecture and all other stuff and attractive decoration. When you visit the palace you will find some pieces of glass which are still fixed in door and window. The grills which have a different shape and design.

How to go

Thakurgaon and Dhal are only linked by road. There are many bus companies offering services from Dhaka to Thakurgaon. After reaching Thakurgaon, you can take local transport to reach the place.

Where to stay

There are few hotels and rest houses in Thakurgaon that you may consider staying in. However, the standard of the accommodation is likely to be moderately low.

Things to do

1. You enjoy the architectural beauty of Haripur Zamindar Bari.
2. You can also visit Gorkoi Mondir.

Eating facilities

You should look for local restaurants nearby.

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