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Facebook turns into a business venture

Facebook turns into a business venture
Nishat Tasmin, founder of Papri's Dream, wanted a better life for her family as her mother was the sole breadwinner of her family and it was becoming very difficult for her to support all the family expenses on her own.

"2 years after I started my university in 2018, I started noticing that many people are selling homemade cooked food through their Facebook Pages and that idea seemed interesting to me. So I started researching and exploring more Facebook Pages who were doing this business and tried to understand and learn how this business actually runs. This made me think of turning my home kitchen into an extra source of money," said Nishat.

Nishat finally decided to take a leap of faith and started a Facebook Page which showcased foods that her mother cooked for the family. She also shared the food photos to various different Groups on Facebook.

Only a few days later, Nishat received her first order. It was for her favorite home cooked Chicken Roast. Nishat remembered this moment vividly. "I told my mother about the Page and about this order. She was surprised and excited, as she was at work so she asked me to go to the market to shop for the necessary things to cook the Roast Chicken. I bought everything and as soon as my mother came home from work, she cooked the chicken and we delivered our very first order to our customer".

It's been almost two years and Papri's Dream is now one of the few well-known traditional Bangladeshi home food businesses. Nishat's mother has now resigned from her work and dedicated her time to grow Papri's Dream business with her daughter. Both Nishat and her mom are now working closely together to look after the whole business operations, managing orders and preparing the food: from Chicken Roast, Biriyani, different sorts of Bangladeshi bhortas to their signature and most popular dish- Khuder Bhaat, Bhorta.

Nishat also won "Best Young Entrepreneur" award in 2019, organized by Homechef, a homemade food delivery company for being the highest seller of her food as a new entrepreneur.

"My mother and I have gone through so much financial struggle and we are grateful that we have now progressed in our life. Taking that leap of faith by starting up a Facebook Page featuring my mother's delicious home cooked meals had proven to be one of the best decisions we had ever made," said Nishat.

As orders continue to pour in, Nishat and her mom are planning to expand their kitchen and recruit people to help with the daily operations.

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