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Lalbagh Botanical Garden: Bangalore

Lalbagh Botanical Garden: Bangalore
My elder brother-in-law, Shihab Uddin Chowdhury, is a high-ranking official in a private bank. This year, he was diagnosed with heart disease and decided to go and check-up at Narayan Health City in Bombasandra, Bangalore. I urged him to go to Bangalore with him. I had an Indian visa, so there is no restriction. Besides, Bangalore is one of the tourist cities in the world and I am also a traveling traveler. On certain days we flew from Dhaka to Kolkata by plane and from Kolkata to Bangalore. The next day, in Narayan Health City, a serial auction of the famous heart doctor Devi Sethi. Then I found out that it would take at least 2/3 days to meet Goddess Sethi.

Then we both decided not to sit down and visit Bangalore city. First we went to the famous Lalbagh Botanical Garden in Malawi, Bangalore city. To get there, it costs only 20 rupees per head. As we entered, we saw a huge signboard. There are maps and detailed descriptions of the entire Botanical Garden. I took a photo of the map on the mobile to visit the Botanical Garden seamlessly. A little further on the map is the history of this botanical garden on another signboard. From there I learned that Maharaja Haider Ali of the state of Mysore (now Karnataka) established it 1760 and subsequently finished its work by the Maharaja Tipu Sultan, known as 'Tiger of Mysore'. Lalbagh Botanical Garden is built on 240 acres.

The botanical gardens we look at are green and green. As we move forward, one by one the road becomes available. Numerous roads throughout the Botanical Garden. It is difficult to decide which road to turn around. After some distance, it looked like we were lost in a green forest. I came here to understand the color of green. Throughout the Botanical Garden there are thousands of species of flowers, fruit and wood trees. How many species of grass I saw, I cannot say. This botanical garden is a sanctuary for birds, and I can see numerous birds. Some of the birds are free, and some of the birds are confined inside the large cage. Occasionally, I could see monkeys and honomans on the tree trunks. On the other side of the botanical garden I could see the picturesque lake.

There are spectacular bridges in various designs on the lake. In the meantime, Tipu Sultan, the Maharaja of Mysore, sought the arrogance of the time. There are hundreds of works of art throughout the Botanical Garden. Each artwork is made of tree stems, shoots, shrubs or whole trees. While walking around the Botanical Gardens, you will find children playing, breastfeeding a baby or catching fish, crocodile, snakes, monkeys, chimpanzees, camel, birds, peacocks. If you do not look at it, there is no way to understand, these are made of wood. In addition, a variety of artifacts can be seen in combination with aquatic plants and shrubs.

The Lalbagh Botanical Garden has an impressive glass house. How many species of flower trees I see there are beyond my imagination. But I was surprised to see the flowers there. Many rare species of flowering plants are stored there. Anyone who sees this glass house is sure to be amazed. A bonsai garden has been created with a large area inside the Lalbagh Botanical Garden. There I saw bonsai of different trees. They are grown commercially there. Anyone who spends big bucks can get bonsai from here.

However, what I found most astonishing and astonishing in the Lalbagh Botanical Garden is the Rock Hill. This stone mountain is of medium size. I wandered a lot, but I could not see anything broken or cracked on the rocky hills. The whole mountain will look like a large, black or gray stone. A temple of Mahadev can be seen on the top of a rocky hill. A signboard has some information about this rocky hill. From there, it was learned that about 3 million years ago, a massive earthquake caused these rocks to rise above the ground. The biggest feature of the Lalbagh Botanical Gardens is that the entire area is clean.

Another feature is that a detailed description of each species of tree is available. One of our staff at the Lalbagh Botanical Gardens tells us that it will take at least a month for the trees and shrubs to visit the Lalbagh Botanical Gardens and read the signboards. There are countless tourists and students from different countries. The Lalbagh Botanical Garden is open from 6am to 6pm.

Syed Asaduzzaman Suhan is a poet and Social Worker.

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