Published:  12:58 PM, 16 September 2020 Last Update: 01:06 PM, 16 September 2020

The Hult Prize Foundation aims to develop world through changes

The Hult Prize Foundation aims to develop world through changes
The Hult Prize Foundation which helps young people to envision their possibilities as leaders of change in the world around them has started its campaign in the University of Asia Pacific. This foundation has received immense praise from the youths worldwide.

The students of UAP are delighted to work under this organization. This year, a committee of twenty-nine members has been formed in UAP campus to coordinate the tasks of Hult Prize. Like UAP, in other ninety-four universities of Bangladesh, Hult Prize is running its activities. It provides various training session, webinar for young students.

In 2009, a student of MBA from Hult International Business School, Ahmad Ashkar founded a company to give him then peers around the world a platform to have a sustainable, profitable impact. Later, he convinced Hult's President, Dr Stephen Hodges to begin hosting startup events on each of Hult's five global campuses with a focus on the creation of a new kind of business which was dubbed, "The Impact Enterprise". After a meeting with Bertil Hult, the Hult Prize was born. Ahmad is currently the CEO of this foundation. This organization is working effortlessly to bring innovation and thought leadership to the social impact sectors.

With a US $1,000,000 global startup prize as its anchor activity, the Hult Prize has brought impact-focused programs, events and training to over a million students globally which have been the pathway for youth everywhere to take steps to build a better world. Within a decade, the foundation has deployed more than $65 million into the impact sectors, which is a surprising fact for all. 

The Hult Prize continues to be a disruptive global leader in education, soft skills training and entrepreneurial development for the 21st century with the help of 30,000 staffs, students, volunteers in almost 121 countries. It is the most prominent social entrepreneurship competition in the world, which is a source of inspiration for the students to solve social problems through the power of capitalism.

There are lots of benefits to being associated with this foundation. This will help any individual to gain experience, leadership qualities, and there is a chance to meet and work with globally high profiled persons. The most striking fact regarding the advantages is that the participants will get e-certificates with the signature of the former president of the USA, Bill Clinton.

This foundation is currently collaborating with the United Nations and Unicorn. Unicorn is one of the best platforms in presenting the stories of universities. Jannat Islam, one of the students of UAP, from the department of English, has become the content creator of Unicorn for this year's campaign.

This year, The Hult Prize challenge is "Food For Good". It aims to transform food into a vehicle for change. The primary purpose of this challenge is to create jobs, stimulate economies, reimagine supply chains and improve outcomes for 10,000,000 people by 2030.

This foundation is creating opportunities for enthusiastic youth to enhance their abilities for the betterment of the world. The activities of this organization will expand soon.

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