Published:  12:26 AM, 16 October 2020

Be united!

Be united!
Nine Eleven changes our life and mind significantly. As right now we are busy with Israel and Middle East 'hot politics'. After Caliphornia attack, George W. Bush declared his agenda 'War on Terror'. Then he blamed Al Qaeda, though Al Qaeda was not involved in the attack. The US declaration and the geopolitical system of Indian subcontinent had been connected after Nine Eleven. Ending Taliban regime US implemented democracy in Afghanistan and Ashraf Ghani took power. Bur, after losing power, Taliban got anger then. So, the unequal war between US, Afghan authority and Taliban started. And in that time Rand Corporation, a US think tank divided worldwide Muslims in Extremist Muslims, Practicing Muslims, Moderate Muslims and Secular Muslims. Secularism is huge dangerous things for a Muslim. Because a Muslim believes in Tawhid, but secularism creates obstacles to believe tawhid.

According to Secularism, All religions are equal, but according to Islam there has only acceptable religion to Allah is Islam, not other. I am not supporting extremism; I am talking about injustice in the world. In secularism, there has confusion; they want to take all of the religion in one ideology. Those who are terrorist, they use Islam and Holy Quran, and then mass religious people suffer. Most of the people want to lead a peaceful life. But, extremists are creating obstacles among peace. They are attacking in the several places till before two days ago. But, United States was supported the extremist group when they have necessity on them, but when extremist group attacked in Caliphornia, then they left them and declared 'war on terror'.

Basically, 9/11 attack changes our life in this century. The time was morning. Date 11 September, 2001. No one could not think that they will be witnessed of the worst incident in the New York City. George W. Bush, who was the president then, was sit for a regular meeting and someone was said secretly to him and he informed about twin tower blast in California.

For a long time, US condemned this attack and they tried to prove that Osama bin Laden was involved in the planning of this attack, but Osama bin Laden claimed in his video statement that he was not involved in there, but he was happy for blasting. It means he supported this attack. And then US became crazy to arrest Osama and Osama hided himself for almost ten years. In 2 May 2011, US Intelligence caught him in Abotabad, Pakistan and killed him there.

After 9/11 attack, world became changed, the superpower creates their source of power, and it was totally embarrassing moment for a Muslims. Because US then President George W. Bush declared 'war on terror' and they use western media. They published the false news about Iraq. US invaded Iraq and they were caused for falling Sadam Hossain's regime. They prosecuted to Saddam Hossain hanging. It was biggest fall in the Middle East.

US also invaded Afghanistan and then then Taliban regime fell. US approve democracy their and Ashraf Ghani was took power as President. That was war time. Now when US and Taliban signed a deal, the US President Donuld Trump claimed that Taliban is not terrorist group, ISIS is terrorist group.

The Story of Iraq is sadness. Also Syria is connected in the story. Ten Years ago, no one can think that Taliban is not terrorist. But now, you see. Here one question may rise how come US claimed Taliban is terrorist since the war was started. It is totally cheating with us. Taliban is an Islamic group in Afghanistan, that's all. Why they opposed them? Because if Taliban took power then they will lose their part of superpower and Taliban will implement Shariah laws that may forcefully. Okay, I am not Islamic lecturer of researcher, so I will keep my mouth silent.

Iraq invasion ended in a failed meeting between US and Iraq authority. Then US President Barak Obama said about deal, but Iraq was not agree with this, so US authority removes their soldier from Iraq, but when ISIL grabbed most of the land then Iraq in 2014 authority called US and US went to remove ISIL. In 2017 Iraq declared they defeated ISIL, though US has remained their saying reducing militancy from the country. Now US decided to reduce their Army from Iraq after leaving Afghanistan.

Now the significant incident happened that Bahrain and U.A.E. signed an agreement with Israel which US is shaping the normalization of the relationship. In 13 August, Bahrain signed deal with Israel and in 15 September U.A.E. signed a deal with Israel. In the previous year, Egypt and Jordan also signed this agreement with Israel. Now the rest of middle east country Soudi Arabia remains. US president Donuld Trump brought Middle East plan, which is his invention, with Israel which has one way communication, there has no option to say Palestinian people. Now Trump wants to reduce army in the conflict region, but one question has been raised that why are they not reducing their army from Syria ? Rather US increase their army in Syria on the Russian threat. It is totally imbalance that you are reducing your army in Iraq, Afganistan, but not Syria.

And US invalidated Iran's economy in the world for having nuclear bomb on them. US are thinking that Iran can be the threat for them near future as they think this to North Korea. And actually their thinking is right, but they cannot impose a country worldwide. It is totally embarrassing for every nation.

We all know United States is a state who always searching for their opportunity. And, the opportunity is their politics. According to their politics, they grabbed power in many countries in the ancient periods. One of the examples is Syria. US shouted there to reduce Islamic States of al Iraq and al Shams (ISIS), but ISIS created by US, according to wikilicks, Hilary Clinton funded for ISIS. Now Donuld Trump, President of United States, became crazy for covid vaccine before US election, but it is not grateful time to get vaccine.

He thinks that if he can implement vaccine, then he will win the upcoming election, but his anti-team Democratic Party washing him every day. And then in the Middle East, there has risk of rising extremism again even in Afghanistan. In Afghanistan, there most of the region has grabbed by Tehrik-e-Taliban. There has been running intra Afghan talks right now between Afghan authority and Taliban negotiating US. In the current year, US and Taliban signed a deal. And the intra Afghan talks were expected in March, but Taliban wanted to free their prisoner, and after free their six great prisoners, they started discussing in Doha, Qatar.

After all, nine eleven attack changes everything worldwide. It creates many sides and group. It gave birth many of extremist group like Al Qaeda. The attack became a part of history and gave birth much attack in the world.

Despite reducing US army from Iraq and Afghanistan, Iran, Yemen has also political instability yet. And Syria has chaotic situation right. In this circumstance, US need to remove their army from Syria and create harmony among all worldwide human and should bring unity.

The writer is a journalist.

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