Published:  01:59 AM, 26 October 2020

When bald is beautiful

A comb is an integral part of life. Ask any man who has been losing hair or indeed has lost it. Yes, hair on the head is important. But more significant is that sure possession of a comb. Look around you.

Chances are that all those bald men you see around you are men armed with combs, a mark of sophistication they are ready to use at any given opportunity. It is their hold on respectability, even on life. But think deeper or look wider. Who needs a comb when he is reminded of all the bald men who have been part of history?

There are some wonderful images, even realities, you tend to associate with bald or balding men. Euphemistically speaking, of course, you could suggest that men who lose hair are not getting bald or have already reached that stage in life but are only developing or expanding their foreheads. That is a most wonderful thing, seeing that many of the greatest figures in global history have been men without hair. You do not have to go too far back in time to find yourself vindicated on this issue. There is Julius Caesar for you.

Creativity has generally been the privilege of balding or plain bald men. Every image or sketch of William Shakespeare is proof of how such men shake up our world with ideas. Or observe the history of literature anywhere around the world. The chances are that bald men will pretty much outnumber the hairy ones when it comes to a dissemination of original thoughts.
Let us call it a day.

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