Published:  02:01 AM, 26 October 2020

Our collective nightmare

Our collective nightmare

A virus more dangerous than the COVID-19 is spreading over the whole world. It came from America affecting not only American society but the world politics and economy. The second phase of COVID-19 started in mid-Spring. The second phase of the American virus will start from early November if the election result is in its favour. A vaccine against Corona was invented in Oxford. But there is no vaccine for this American virus. Its only preventive is public awareness.

If American people can come out from their long slumber of narrow nationalism and can vote for the opponent of this dangerous virus only then there is hope that America and the whole world at large will have a peaceful future. This virus will not go out of the White House easily. This human virus declared if election result goes against it, it will not accept the result and transfer power peacefully.

The above mentioned comments are not mine. These comments came from some top leaders of the American civil society. Not only Democrats but Republicans also belong to this civil society. A good number of Republicans who belong to Trump's own party are now deadly against him. They publicly said that Trump is a liability for America.

America has lost its prestige, power and leadership in the world for Trump's irresponsible utterances and activities. If he succeeds for a second term in presidency then he will harm the peace and humanity of the world. The next presidential election is on 3rd November. Realizing his own unpopularity Trump tried to delay this election by shifting its date. He did not succeed. Joe Biden is far ahead than Trump in Gallup poll.  

There is already jubilation among some sections of Americans and they are now showing it publicly. They think Trump's defeat in the next election is certain. Some political observers uttered stern warning for them. They think Trump is a shrewd man without any morality. His main political power is based on racism and White supremacy.

He won the election the first time by manipulating these. He may surprise the world by getting victory a second time. So this joy anticipating his defeat is premature. An American magazine also warned its readers. It said that the Trump camp is using all sorts of cheap tricks and their election propaganda also is full of lies and distortion of facts. To defeat him a massive vote against him is required. Though Joe Biden is well ahead of him in Gallup polls whether he would be able to obtain massive vote against Trump is a big question. Trump has a solid white vote box. Biden lacks that type of vote box. He is mainly depending on Trump's failure to give people good governance and his worldwide unpopularity.

Some political observers say that if Trump is defeated he may defy it by saying election was manipulated by Democrats. On that plea he may mobilize the extreme Rightists in few states including Washington DC to show their muscle power in his support. It may turn into an ugly civil conflict and may harm the unity of the United States.

This unity was achieved by George Washington, Lincoln, Jefferson and some other American presidents. Lincoln gave his blood to form this North-South unity. Trump may disrupt this unity by his irresponsible deeds like Yeltsin who broke the ex-Soviet Union. The manipulation of election during the time of Republican Bush Junior was indirect. Donald Trump, who is also a Republican is doing it directly.

 In this regard it will not be irrelevant to bring Bangladesh in this discussion. America is the second largest democracy in the world and nobody but the President of that country himself is telling the world that he is fearing manipulation in the election. In Bangladesh our civil society and its leader Dr. Kamal Hossain accused that the last two elections under Awami League government was not free and fair.

They set up Citizen's Committee and brought over foreign observers especially from America to verify whether these elections were neutral. In the past in Afghanistan during the Karzai regime an election was held and an observation committee under Dr. Kamal Hossain went there to determine the fairness of the election. Then why is our civil society not sending an observation team to America to decide whether Trump's allegation of the manipulation of election is true or not? What applies to Bangladesh should apply to America also.

One difference between the two civil societies is that American civil society is independent and fair-minded. But most of the members of our civil society are obliged to follow the instructions of their foreign pay masters. The proof of American civil society's neutrality is there in a section of Republican supporters and senators. Recently a personal lawyer of Trump, Rudolph Giuliani's daughter Caroline Giuliani's in her article in Vanity Fair appealed the Republican voters to vote for Joe Biden.

She described Donald Trump as, "Our collective nightmare". She added, "If they want to keep unity and dignity of America the voters should vote for Joe Biden". A powerful Republican Senator Ben Sasse openly opposed Trump. He said, "I'm a Republican and an American also. In both capacities I'm saying Donald Trump is not acceptable to us. His attitude towards women is vulgar. He spends money like a drunk. His family is using the White House to develop their personal business". I can quote more bitter comments about Trump by other Republicans but I think there is no need for it.

When democracy becomes weak, it becomes its own enemy. This theory was proved in Germany, Italy, Spain and Portugal in the last century. Taking advantage of this weakness in democracy Hitler in Germany, Mussolini in Italy, Franco in Spain and Salazar in Portugal - these four Fascist leaders came to power.  Even Hitler and Mussolini came to power through some manipulated elections. Same thing happened in Bangladesh.

Taking advantage of this weak democracy (our civil society cries for this type of democracy) it was possible for two tin pot dictators Ziaur Rahman and Hussain Muhammad Ershad to capture power. When Sheikh Hasina came to power and followed the path of this weak democracy she was overthrown easily by the master plan of the conspirators. Now Hasina is very strong and her democracy shows no sign of weakness. The result is that the civil society are now clamouring for the old type of democracy, but people are with Sheikh Hasina.

In America democracy declined from the time of Republican President Nixon. Both Bush Senior and Junior cheated Americans with lies about Iraq war and tried to dictate the Senate and Congress. Bush Junior with Tony Blair of Britain destroyed the authority of United Nations like past League of Nations. Donald Trump, a racist and believer of White Supremacy. In some of his friends' opinion is an ignorant and arrogant who came to power and is going to put the final nail in the coffin of democracy. Twice he tried to bring his country to the brink of war by creating crisis with Iran and North Korea. He encouraged the White Fascist group in America and built concentration camps for Mexican immigrants in the border following Hitler's anti-Jewish policy.

In these camps children were forcibly taken from their mothers and kept separately like Hitler's concentration camps. He has no respect for women and even showed disrespect to Queen Elizabeth when he visited Britain. He gave Jerusalem city to Israel as if it was a personal gift from him to Netanyahu and it was his personal property. One western commentator compared him to the Barbarian Kings of the Middle-ages. His behaviour is not like a modern president of America.

The world populace expect Trump's defeat in November election. But there is a strong possibility that by hook or by crook he will try to win the election. His critics say if he comes back to power it will be like the second wave of Corona Virus. The only difference is Oxford declared that they have invented a vaccine for Corona Virus but there is no such preventive for the Trump Virus. Only a strong awareness among American people and good sense could prevent this virus which is more harmful and dangerous than Corona. I hope against hope that this time human dignity and willpower will be able to defeat this dangerous enemy of humanity.

The writer is a prominent journalist based in the United Kingdom and contributor to The Asian Age.

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