Published:  12:42 AM, 17 November 2020

Companies offer accessible payments while demand surge for home and kitchen appliances

Companies offer accessible payments while demand surge for home and kitchen appliances
Coronavirus has affected almost every industry across Bangladesh and created havoc in people’s lives, both financially and emotionally. However, according to numerous global reports, one sector has been immune to the pandemic across several countries – home and kitchen appliances.

Since the start of the pandemic, people have been trying to spend more time indoor than outdoor to curb out the spread of COVID-19, and it has led to an increase in the usage of the appliances in their homes. While some are upgrading existing appliances, others are purchasing new ones.

To limit the spread, numerous people across the nation are avoiding restaurants, coffee shops, and other public places. Hence, limited takeout orders and public gatherings have pushed people to cook restaurant-style dishes at home. To make fancy dishes at home, one requires necessary kitchen appliances, thus a surge of demand for kitchen appliances.

Then to stock more food, people required innovative refrigerators and freezers. The usage of washing machines and dryers became a must during COVID to destroy the virus from clothes. When you are at home, you need entertainment – mostly to make your mind off the insane situation surrounding us. Thus, increased demand for televisions.

On top of it, just because there is a pandemic doesn’t mean there will be no more insane heatwave or natural occurrence. A heatwave has been going through Bangladesh, which increased the demand for air conditioners and air purifiers.

Apart from all of these, do-it-yourself (DIY) projects have gained ground during COVID-19. People who are stuck at home are trying to either enhance their existing skills or learn new skills. These new activities also require various appliances like sewing machines, baking ovens, mixers, grinders, blenders and many more. Some people nationwide have mastered their newly learned skills and have even opened their own businesses online.

Thus, the desire to purchase an appliance is not enough; people also need to have the buying power to get it. The pandemic has negatively impacted people’s financial stability. Hence, to support and fulfill the customers' demands, several consumer electronics brand across Bangladesh has been providing various types of discounts – Singer, Walton, Marcel, Minister etc. Besides, these companies have also been offering easy payment facilities and EMI to give the cutomers relief from paying full money altogether. For example, Singer is providing 0% interest on EMI with or without credit cards. The period of EMI may differ from 6 – 12 months.

The starting value of EMI has also been kept low so that people from every walks of life can afford the products. Such as the starting value of EMI for Singer Air Conditioner is BDT 3,690, Refrigerator is BDT 1,870, Smart TV is BDT 1,594, Washing Machine is BDT 1,282, and Microwave Oven is BDT 1,049.

Not only that, but these companies have also been providing information to their customers about their products and services through call centers and social media. It is remarkable for the companies to think about the customers and provide facilities accordingly, especially during a crisis. Thus, feel like experimenting with something new or enhancing a skill, and need an appliance for it, head over to their websites and order away with accessible payment facilities.

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