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Homeopathic remedies to cure sinusitis

Homeopathic remedies to cure sinusitis
Sinus infection is a nasal problem caused by allergies, bacterial infections or colds. This problem is exacerbated during the winter. The sinuses cause the mucus to grow in the body. Which causes headaches and difficulty breathing.

The sinus is the airy chamber next to the bones around the nose. The function of the sinuses is to keep the head light, to protect the brain from injury, to keep the voice in harmony, and to help build teeth and jaws. When the sinuses become swollen and cause excruciating pain, it is called sinusitis. Sinus problems cause fever and a feeling of weakness. However, it is possible to prevent the disease if you are a little aware. Sinus does not actually work. Why is it located in the human body? Researchers struggled a lot and could not come up with a solution.

However, this is because there are some air chambers around our nose which have a membrane that is attached to the nose. So if there is a problem in the corner of the nose, it is called sinus in many fields. Sinusitis is a bacterial inflammation of the sinuses that causes sinusitis: Inflammation of the maxillary sinuses is the most common cause of sinusitis. Acute sinusitis and inflammation of the upper respiratory tract, allergies, malnutrition, if in a damp environment, can also lead to inflammation from chronic dental disease. Again, this can happen even if the airway is narrow. However, most sinusitis is caused by inflammation of the nose.

Symptoms of sinusitis:

Persistent pain on the side of the nose, can be a headache after waking up in the morning. Nasal congestion all the time, no sense of taste or smell, usually nausea, restlessness and reluctance, occasional fever. Thinning of the lining of the mucosa.

Nasal polyps: Nasal polyps can also cause sinusitis. Nasal polyps originate from the nasal sinuses. And this polyp is actually a part of the lining of the sinuses or nose that looks a lot like a bunch of grapes.

What are the symptoms of polyp disease?

* Nasal polyps can be said to be the main and only symptom in patients.

* Nasal congestion is manifested due to cold.

* Sneezing is one of the symptoms.

* Discharge of pus or water from the nose.

* Headache.

* Pain in the nose or face.

* Feeling dirty on the back of the nose, which when the nose is pulled out black substance.* Coughing, repeatedly trying to clear the throat.

* Bad breath coming out.

* Talk to the nose.

* Sleeping or breathing with open mouth or mouth, snoring etc.How to stay free from sinusitis?* Avoid allergies and colds.* Living in a light airy home environment.

* Avoid dense settlements.

* Moderate balanced diet.

* Timely treatment of nasal inflammation or any other nasal disease or any other problem of throat, inflammation of teeth etc. can make it possible to stay free from sinusitis in many cases.Homoeo Remedy:

It is not a disease but a treatment of the patient. Therefore, if an experienced homeopath can select the complete symptoms of the patient, then it is possible to solve the sinus problem in homeopathy. Again lately many homeopaths have come out calling themselves classical homeopaths. But when the patients of these doctors come to us, we see that they treat the patients with various chemicals, acids and op homeopathy. Dr. Samuel Hahnemann calls them Shankar homeopaths.

Since homeopathic medicine is symptom based hence symptoms

 Treatment is essential. Medications that can come on the symptoms, Nax Introduction, Tuber Cooler,, Lemna Minor, Calcarea Carb, Sorinam, Thuja and many more medicines can come on the symptoms, so consult an experienced doctor without using the medicine yourself.

Dr. Muhammad Mahtab Hossain Mazed, Health Adviser, Central Committee of the Human Rights Review Society. He is also Co-Chairman, Homeopathy Research and Training Center

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