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Create convenience at home and heighten personal hygiene with Singer Water Heater

Create convenience at home and heighten personal hygiene with Singer Water Heater
Personal hygiene has doubled since the start of the pandemic, and the number of showers people take daily has risen significantly. Numerous people prefer to take hot showers than cold ones, even if WHO has debunked the myth that hot showers don’t protect you from coronavirus. Nevertheless, it gives us peace of mind, and hot showers feel good during winter. 
Houses in Bangladesh don’t usually have a central water heating system like abroad; however, people either get geyser or instant water heaters. The instant water heaters are more convenient and easier to install than traditional geysers.  

Let’s see some of the reasons why you should opt for an instant water heater.  

Convenient and efficient  

Compare to traditional geysers; instant water heaters provide an unlimited flow of hot water at any time of the day. Geysers have a limited size, and the hot water usually runs out quickly, thus, creating inconvenience for people who loves to take a longer shower. Other people then need to wait for the water to heat up to use it, which can be annoying.  

The instant water heaters provide an unlimited flow of hot water, making life easier. Unlike the traditional geysers, you can also control the water temperature in the instant heaters. 


Traditional geysers have a lifespan of 10-12 years, whereas instant water heaters can last up to 20 years.  

Energy-saving and cost-friendly 

The heater is environmentally friendly and consumes 10-50% less energy than geysers; thus, reducing the utility bills’ costs.  

Space savings 

Not all homes across Bangladesh are massive and can accommodate larger geysers’ tanks. Instant water heaters are compact and can fit in most bathrooms. For example, Singer Water Heater is 4 kg with a size of 356 x 246 x 117 (H x W x L).  

Clean water 

Traditional water geysers can pick up rust and sediments that may build up within the tank, providing dirty water flow. Instant water heaters don’t have a tank and don’t store any water.  

If you are interested in getting an instant water heater, you can check the one Singer is selling. Singer Water Heater is built by following the safety standard of Thailand, Canada, USA, Malaysia, and Singapore. The heater is also made with an innovative UK technology heating element with UL approved standard. It comes with triple safety protection – a built-in auto flow switch that prevents overheating, built-in 15mA sensitivity electric ELCB, and an anti-scalding thermal safety design. 

It’s constructed with a residual current device that cut-offs power during leakage, a plastic stop valve and none conductive PVC flexible hose to prevent electrocution, and a dual temperature thermal cut-off protector. 

The Singer water heater comes with a multi-spray hand shower with 5 spray patterns – massage, mixed, standard, soothe, and jumbo. 

For more information, check - You can buy the heater at the Singer outlet or online for BDT 11,990.  

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