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Viral Infectious Smallpox "Remedy for the problem ''

Viral Infectious Smallpox
Spring is a viral disease. This disease mainly occurs at the junction of winter and spring. That is, its prevalence occurs during the change of seasons. But now smallpox is almost always seen in all seasons. There is no exact time or moment of its arrival. If the disease is not treated properly, the consequences can be fatal. In this situation different germs become active. Outbreaks appear to be exacerbated during this time.

Types of spring: -Infectious diseases caused by viruses. There are usually two types of spring. One is smallpox and the other is smallpox. However, the most common type of smallpox that affects people now is chickenpox, or the most common of these two types of smallpox. However, smallpox has been completely eradicated through vaccination. According to the World Health Organization, smallpox was declared a worldwide extinction in 1980. * Smallpox: The most common form of smallpox is the variola virus. In this case, after 2/4 days of fever, rash appears on the body. The rash is most common on the hands, feet and face. Fever and vomiting with a temperature of 101/102.C are the initial symptoms.

* Chickenpox: - The virus that causes this disease is the varicella zoster virus. This type of chickenpox causes rashes all over the body with fever and severe itching. The patient has to suffer for 2/3 weeks.

* Symptoms: -

At first the patient feels weak, headache, cold-cough, fever etc. Within a few days, a rash appears on the body. Later they grow and water starts to accumulate inside.At the same time, fever and physical weakness increase with time. There may be pain and cold-cough in the body. The way it spreads, the attack of this disease causes small round water-borne granules to form in the body, so it is called water spring. MM Majed said, "Spring has come." The virus is called 'Varicella zoster virus' (VZV). The virus is spread through the air. The risk of water spring is highest from birth to 14 years of age. There may be adults, but very few. And once someone's spring, the second time is usually not. This is because once infected, the body makes antibodies to the virus. The virus spreads from the patient's body to the healthy. In this case, the recovery time is more severe than the initial stage of spring infestation. This is because when it heals, the water-borne grains burst and the skin of the area dries up. At this time, the dry skin falls off naturally or due to itching. These dry skins carry the varicella zoster virus. The virus can be spread not only through the air but also by touching the patient, the patient's used clothes, bed sheets and other useful items. Some tips on smallpox:

Although the disease is fatal, there is no reason to be afraid. Water spring gets better in seven to 10 days without any medicine. The disease is more common in children.Infected children with infectious diseases from healthy people

There is no need to keep it completely separate. Because if kept separate from everyone, the child is likely to break down emotionally. However, it is important to keep away from healthy children. Especially the last two days, when the patient is recovering.

Water spring is very rare in adults, so parents are less likely to be infected while caring for the patient.

At this time it is important to pay special attention to the cleanliness of the patient. Her consumables should be kept separate and kept clean regularly. The patient should take a regular bath. However, care should be taken to wipe the body after bathing so that the grains do not burst. If the granules rupture prematurely, there may be a wound in that place. Also, the water-borne granules may increase as the infected water gets stuck in other parts of the body. Itching occurs when the donations dry out. However, even if it is difficult, you should try to refrain from itching. Baths can be taken with hot water to reduce itching.

Homoeo Solution: -The patient is treated not the disease, for this the experienced doctor selects the patient's symptoms and selects the right medicine,Antidote for smallpox patient: -Vaccininum omalandrinum, variolinum, medicines that are selected by experienced physicians for primary care., Belladonna, Bryoniaelb, Camphor,Carbovez,Cantharis, Heliborus, Hyper Sulph, Hydrastis Can, Hyoscyamus, Cali Bacrum, Cali Ars, Lakesis, Mark Sol, Phosphorus, Acid Fos, Rastox, Saracenia, Stramonium, Sulfur, Thuja and many more. Consult a doctor.

Dr. Muhammad Mahtab Hossain Mazed ,Co-Chairman, Homoeo Science Research and Training Center . He is also Health Adviser, Central Committee of the Human Rights Review Society.


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