Evading tax, cheating customers

Published:  12:52 AM, 22 February 2021

Most cable cos not putting price tag on packages

Most cable cos not putting price tag on packages

Most of the cable companies in the country do not put price tag on their products with an evil motive to evade tax and cheat customers. Not only electric cables but also other products such as electric fans, meters, bulbs, circuit breakers and most of the electrical products have no price list mentioned on the package.In the case of purchasing these products, the customers fall in a dilemma in fixing such prices.

After conducting a physical observation in different markets in the city, it has been found that among big brands BRB Cables and Bizli Cables use price lists. There is no price tag on other company's products. Again, some companies did not even keep the price table. Some brands have two prices mentioned on the price list, one has the highest price and the other has no price.

Someone is saying that the selling price of one of the electric cables of the same specification is almost half that of the other company. These companies also claim that they used to make their products with pure raw materials. For this reason, there is a question that why there is such a huge difference regarding the prices of the products.

Almost the same picture in the case of other electronics products; For example, there is no price tag on Rangs fans but Walton's LED bulbs have a price tag.When Commerce Minister Tipu Munshi was informed about the matter, he said, "I have learnt such allegations for the first time." I will ask the concerned department or authorities in charge to take appropriate action in this regard.

Kazi Farid Uddin, first secretary of the VAT policy department of the National Board of Revenue, said, the department concerned has a fair price provision in determining the VAT or tax on goods. The commissioner of that department determines this provision. However, if there is any irregularity in this case, it also has legal measures.

There are mixed reactions in different quarters regarding this. Experts believe, if the National Consumer Rights Protection Department, Customs Intelligence, VAT Department of the National Board of Revenue, BSTI, law enforcement agencies take the proper steps, the electric and electronics industry will be free from this fancy strategy of tax evasion and consumer fraud.

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