Published:  12:55 AM, 22 February 2021

Where is the end of the attack on students?

The university is the highest institution of higher education in a country. The contribution of the university to the development, progress and prosperity of a country is undeniable. The university is said to be the place of free thinking and latent talent development.  And who studied at this university? There are two types of universities - public universities and private universities. Some of the public universities are fully autonomous and some are semi-autonomous. In the context of our country, in the battle for admission in public universities every year, a certain number of students qualify for admission by fighting fiercely with millions of students against a certain number of seats.

Behind a student's admission to university involves his dream, the dream of a family and the hope and aspiration of a country and a nation involve.  Society looks at university students with different eyes. Everyone loves and respects them. Everyone has a positive hope for them - they are the craftsmen to build the golden Bengal of the future.

But the saddest and most frustrating thing is when a public university student is stabbed and humiliated by a lineman.  Recently such an incident happened with a student of Barisal University.  First of all, I strongly condemn and protest against this incident.

The incident took place on Tuesday (February 16) at around 1.30 pm in front of the Rupatali BRTC bus counter. The name of the stabbed lineman is Md. Rafiq. He worked as a lineman on the Barisal-Amua route at the bus counter of Rupatali BRTC.  The victim was GM Taufiqul Sajal, a student of the university's economics department in the 2017-18 academic year.  The staff of the BRTC bus counter assaulted Farzana Akhter, a student of the same academic year, who was with him at the time.

It is known that Sajal went to the Rupatli BRTC bus counter in Jessore around 1pm to go home.  Farzana Akhter, a classmate, went to pick him up on the bus. Sajal and Farzana were waiting at the BRTC bus counter after buying tickets. At that time a BRTC bus coming from Bhandaria came and stopped.  When Sajal wanted to know where the bus would go, lineman Rafiq scolded him.  They had a conversation with lineman Rafiq and others at the BRTC bus counter. At one stage of the conversation, Rafiq brought a knife from the fruit shop next door and hit Sajal.  When his classmate Farzana came forward to rescue him, the staff of the counter including Rafiq insulted him.  As the news spread, the students of the university started blockading and protesting. But after the assurance of the police, the students stopped the blockade and protest program.

But after that more horrible and worst incident happened! Due to that incident, the local terrorists entered the mess and residential houses of the protesting students at midnight on Tuesday and on Wednesday night and launched a brutal attack on them.  Many students of the university were injured.  Many students give status through social media expressing their desire to live in fear.

Students of Jahangirnagar University were attacked in two days after the attack on Barisal University students. The incident of attack on the students of Jahangirnagar University is more abhorrent.

On Friday (February 19), local people attacked Jahangirnagar University students with indigenous and foreign weapons in the Gerua area adjacent to Jahangirnagar University over a trivial incident at a playground. About half a hundred students were seriously injured. The most surprising thing here is that the local people announced in the mosque mike and gather the people to kill anyone who can be found there and to attack the student messes.

  What is happening in the country?  Why they target university students?  What is going on to make the country incompetent?  What more would a student movement need?

Where do they get the courage to stab a university student, smash his potential brain with a weapon, dust off the endless possibilities around him, humiliate and kill him in the dark of night?  Who is the power behind them?

The students moved to their respective homes when the university was declared closed to prevent the Covid-19 outbreak.  As a result, they leave all the necessary furniture and important documents in their rented house. But after a few months, the owner of home stole their necessary furniture's and many of their necessary documents and certificates were burnt. It is seen that when students of different universities go to protest against these, they are subjected to many kinds of threats.  It has also happened that the belongings of the students living in the rented house of the university teacher have been stolen.  And the teacher was involved in it.

Protest against injustice, crime, irregularities, misrule, oppression, torture - this is the sacred duty of the student community.  Students who have fought for their rights with great vows of patriotism in anti-British movement, anti-dictatorship movement, language movement and great liberation war can never bow their heads to injustice.  If the students of this country are united, they can change anything what they want. The strength of the student community in this country can be understood by looking at the recent student movements.

The university is a place for imparting knowledge and creating knowledge.  The university helps a person to become a full-fledged person and develop himself or herself. The dream of a family, the hopes and aspirations of the society-state are involved on a university student.  Because today's students will take the responsibility of building a prosperous Bangladesh, a golden Bengal.  Looking at the current leadership, it can be seen that the number of youth in leadership has increased many times more than before. It is increasing day by day and it will increase more in the future.  Therefore, the university must ensure the smooth development and overall security of students. If anyone unjustly attacks or tortures a university student, he/she must be severely punished in the existing law of country.  And this punishment must be implemented very quickly.  And for this, if the conventional law has to be changed or modified, it has to be done quickly.

Whoever the culprit is, he must be brought to justice. The culprit has no special identity.  When the culprit is stained with crime, he has no identity.  Then his only identity is that he is a criminal. The culture of getting away with crime and not facing justice increases the tendency to commit crimes.  As a result, the criminals continue to commit one crime after another.  Because he has no afraid of punishment. It is time to take effective steps to stop the culture of getting through without committing a crime. We do not want a repeat of the incident that happened with the students of Barisal University. We want the students of this country to be safe, to walk smoothly and to have an enlightened life.

The writer is a poet, columnist
and journalist.
Email: [email protected]

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