Published:  02:55 AM, 23 February 2021

21 February International Mother Language Day

Today is the great martyr's day and the international mother tongue day. Today, all the ways will come together at the same destination - Shaheed Minar. A bouquet of flowers blooming in the spring in hand, the everlasting song 'Ekushey Februari painted in my brother's blood / Can I forget ...' will move slowly. The altar of Shaheed Minar will be covered with flowers dedicated to the language martyrs. Today is a glorious day in the life of the Bengali nation. 69 years ago, the fearless children of Bengali mothers set an unprecedented example of sacrificing their lives for the establishment of mother tongue rights. Established the mother tongue with blood as a seat of dignity, today it has gained recognition by the international community beyond the borders of the country. Ekushey February was declared as 'International Mother Language Day' by the Paris session of UNESCO held on 17 November 1999 and since 21st February 2000, the day has been observed with due dignity in the member states of the United Nations. Prominent Bangladeshi writer Dr. MM Mazed has written a special column on Mother Language Day in his column. Yashti tatpurusha according to grammar instructions. The dictionary has the meaning of the language of the homeland. But not everyone is satisfied with the meaning of the dictionary. To be

No. The nature of language is to be ambiguous, to create gaps, to indulge in the jokes of the herbalist. Language plays at the tip of the pocket, is announced through the throat, gaining life from the lungs. This is also an external truth. In fact, he was born in the chest, the source of the human mind. Does the mind want to be subject to any rules? The same language is honey in one's mouth, poison in another's mouth. The tool of strife in the morning, the vehicle of action in the afternoon, the fatigue in the afternoon, the dream in the evening. My mother tongue is Bengali, just saying that all the answers are complete?

?History of Mother Language Day: -

And this is a day of both tragic and glorious memories of the language movement of the Bengali people. On this day in 1952 (8 Falgun, 1359), some young people were martyred in police firing on students protesting for making Bengali one of the state languages of Pakistan. Salam, Barkat, Rafiq, Jabbar, Shafiur and many others have established the status of Bengali language through self-sacrifice. Today is the day of swearing to overcome the obstacles of Bengal. The day is both a day of mourning and glory for the Bengali nation. The day is not only for Bengalis, but for people of all languages in the world. That is why millions of people around the world, including Bengalis, are remembering those martyrs with respect today.

That is why this day has been marked as Martyr's Day. There was a limited movement in March 1948 and it reached its climax on February 21, 1952.In the morning, when the students of Dhaka University came out on the highway in violation of Section 144, the police opened fire on them. Several students including Abul Barkat, Abdul Jabbar and Abdus Salam were killed in the incident. Angry Dhaka residents gathered at the Dhaka Medical College Hostel to protest the incident. Despite the torture, the students as well as the general public took to the streets again the next day, February 22, to protest. They participated in the funeral procession held for the martyrs at the Medical College Hostel premises. To immortalize the memory of the language martyrs, a monument was erected on the premises of the Medical College Hostel overnight on 23 February, which was demolished by the government on 26 February. When the United Front won the provincial assembly elections in 1954, Bengali was recognized as one of the state languages of Pakistan in the May  9 session of the Constituent Assembly. Every year since then, this day has been celebrated as the National Day of Mourning.

 Dr. Muhammad Mahtab Hossain Mazed , Secretary of Health Affairs, Central Committee of Bangladesh Mofsbol Journalists Forum.

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