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Behind The Study: revolution to co-curricular activities

Behind The Study: revolution to co-curricular activities

Jahurul Islam Jewel

In the 21st Century, the world is changing fast. The conventional education curriculum, which was developed in the early 20th Century, has to pave the way to a new kind of education and learning. In this regard co-curricular activities fuel your learning by stimulating creative thought, improving your social and organizational skills, developing your interests and talents, and offering you the chance to switch off and do something you really enjoy. Schools, colleges, universities and mostly any educational institution have activities like debates,discussions and even clubs organizing more activities. Students who take part in these activities get a break from studies and it adds to their development because they might be chairing an event, hosting some show or playing some sports. All of these activities would develop the leadership skills in the individuals because at times they are nominated to lead a team and in some instances, they emerge as a leader automatically while the activity is carried on. These skills cannot be developed without the extracurricular activities being part of the curriculum and academia. 

A lot of universities allow their students to participate in national and international conferences and events. You gain perspective of a different subject matter and learn from peers from different countries and universities. The best part is you could be studying accounting but could be interested in Humanitarian affairs or sustainability or Leadership skills and can attend any event/conference on these topics. This widens your horizons and gives you a great opportunity to enhance your inner quality. The icing on the cake can bet he sponsorship by the school/university which is easier if you know howto present your case. This also helps a student develop their personality. As mentioned, the fact that you could attend a conference on any topic besides the one which you actually study, the leadership skills, the hobby or sports clubs you may join, all of these activities help groom your personality and make you ready to face the world and its challenges which come once you are done with the studies. The extracurricular activities add to the overall development of an individual and even though it might not be out rightly obvious, they shape an individual and groom the person. This can be in the form of increased self-esteem, motivation to perform better in every sphere;including education and better organization and preparation. Besides students who take parts in extra-curricular activities don't have extra time than the other students who do not take part in any of the activities. They also study, give exams, go to classes and do every thing that a normal student does. They are just good at time management and follow their passions. These people are the ones who have a hunger to do more and get the most out of their student life and thus manage their time with studies to do everything else they are interested into. These activities also make them social and easy to mingle with complete strangers and be prepared for many real-life difficulties.

Unlike many other organizations Behind the Study, the country's first co-curricular based organization, which cover numerous activities in a single platform free of cost, has been playing an effective role in paving the way to thousands of students an opportunity to make the best use of their co-curricular activities in a creative and innovative way.This platform has already gained much popularity online for its unique activities like arranging photography, art & crafts events, hosting online events on various topics, and so on.

Tanjir Arafat Turjo, founder of the organization, said, he along with his team has launched many events where their main focus is to assist students to bring out their latent talent. We also have some plan to launch a nation-wide program where our prime focus will be to engage students of every level in such activities through which they will be able to show their creativity and innovativeness by performing in various events, he added.

Last but not least to make the best use of one's potentiality and to develop one's own personality and creativity, there is no alternative to do involve oneself in co-curricular activities along with academic studies.

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