Published:  01:08 PM, 10 March 2021

Earth Tribe

Earth Tribe
Earth Tribe is the new World Scouting program inviting youth members to complete a series of joyful environmental challenges. It is a global environmental youth movement from World Scouting. It is for young people means Scouts, Rovers, and Adult leaders can participate in the Earth Tribe. This initiative program started on 5 June 2020. It was one of the most exciting programs in World Scouting. There are three challenge badges in Earth Tribe. Participants have to choose one of the challenge badges. I want to describe three challenge badges in the Earth Tribe. Those are:

Champions for Nature: This is the first badge of Earth Tribe and most of the participants chose this badge. Young people can learn how to save nature. Moreover, they can design new ways to improve consumption habitats for themselves and others in their commitment. We know that Populations of mammals, birds, fish, reptiles, and amphibians have, on average, declined by 60% between 1970 and 2014, the most recent year with available data. This challenge design in partnership with the WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature), allows young people to connect with nature and under their role in our ecosystem. This challenge is related to SDG's programs. Those are Zero Hunger, Sustainable Cities, and Communities, Responsible Consumption, Climate Action, Life below Water, Life on Land. 
Tide Turners Plastic: This is the second badge of Earth Tribe. Bangladesh Scouts has started this challenge badge. Young people can learn about plastic pollution from soil and water and how to save from it. This challenge allows them to fight plastic pollution and make our environment by understanding how plastic consumption affects every corner of the world. 9% of the nine billion tons of plastic we have created has been recycled. Around the world, 1 million plastic drinking bottles are purchased every minute, and we use up to 5 trillion single-use plastic bags every year. This challenge, designed in partnership with the UN Environment, enables you to promote a clean, healthy plant that will contribute to a more sustainable world.  This challenge is related to SDG's programs. Those are Clean Water and Sanitation, Climate Action, Life below Water, Life on Land.

 Scouts Go Solar: This is the last badge of Earth Tribe but this challenge badge is very popular in middle economic countries. Young people can discover the power of the sun and learn about how energy and climate are interconnected.  By taking part in this challenge, they can empower and engaged to innovate for solar solutions to protect the climate. 20% of the world's power was generated through renewable sources as of 2015. Energy is the main contributor to climate change, producing around 60% of greenhouse gases. This Challenge, designed in partnership with Solafrica, offers you the opportunity to be advocates and innovators for clean energy solutions and to create a zero-carbon world powered by renewable energy. This challenge is related to 2 SDG programs. Those are:  Affordable and Clean Energy and Climate Action  

After that, they earn the badge and connected with Earth Tribe.

Musabbir Uddin is a student of Cambrian School & College(HSC Batch 2020) he is also ROVER, 214 no Amra Scout Group .

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