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Police University: Opportunity for Professional Higher Education

Police University: Opportunity for Professional Higher Education
Establishing a Police University in Bangladesh: is it necessary, luxury or ornamental? The answer is absolute necessary and time befitting demand for Bangladesh Police. Because without quality education, it is not possible to convert Bangabandhu's dream of Sonar Bangla into reality.

The dream will come into reality when there will be rule of law, internal security, prevention and detection of crime, which Bangladesh Police can ensure by being a professional organization backed by professional higher education.

It is surprising thatBangladesh Police still runs its all operational and administrative businesses under British- Pakistani rules and regulations likePolice Regulations Bengal, 1943. We are going to observe our 50th Independent Anniversary. But it is matter of great regret that we failed to replace the word Bengal to Bangladesh in the said regulation. The very reason is that we are carrying the British- Pakistani legacy. Now the question comes -how can Bangladesh Police implement government strategy and policy like: Vision-2021 and 2041? How long will Bangladesh Police administer themselves under Police Act, 1861?

Despite various answers, almost everyone probably would agree with that the police force formed by the British regime is useless for Bangabandhu's independent Bangladesh. It appears that the government has taken various steps to make the police a timely and up-to-date force. But, there are many challenges towards implementing government steps. The unwillingness of the stakeholders who run the government machinery is the one of the main challenges. At the same time, it is also important to make the necessary legal reforms to change the police sub-culture. Furthermore, without training, higher education and research, Bangladesh Police cannot be a professional organization andimplement the Bangabandhu's Sonar Bangla; rather it remains an untouched dream.  

The current steps of the government for modernizing Bangladesh Police are appreciated. However, it is more important to focus on professional higher education, training, and research, which is crucial to address the future challenges.

It has been proven that with globalization, traditional policing cannot meet the demand of the time. Besides, with the excellence of information technology, modern crimes are rising in number too. Crime, crime patterns, and the methods of crime are changing with time. With this change, Bangladesh Police needs professionalhigher education, training and research to increase the ability of the force to make a knowledge and technology-based one. This will even lead to better coordination andrelationship between civil and military to form a vigilant police force. This will help BangladeshPolice to work hand in hand with other forces in United Nation peacekeeping mission in the end.

To achieve the said efficiency, expertise and professionalism for better criminal investigation, public security, crime prevention, countering extremism, cybercrime, forensic science, medicine, higher education in engineering and technology, and research, Bangladesh Police needs a separate University.

If the University is established, this will lead Bangladesh Police to extended participation in criminal justice systems, development in quality investigation, excellence in strategies for public security and crime, medicine engineering and information technology which will help the organization to keep pace with the globe, contribute in UN peacekeeping mission with excellence, and participate in higher education and research, where the members of Bangladesh Police will be able to contribute.

For example, SAARC nations, ASEAN nations, European nations, andUSA have established    knowledge-based police by forming and managing such Universities. Armed Forces Division in Bangladesh have already established such universities and have already achieved excellence, which is why Bangladesh Police deserves to establish and manage such University.

For the proposed university,what is now essential is to have willingness of the government. After that, some important tasks may come into daylight like legal procedures and other administrative activities.

Finally, to heighten the respect of Bangladesh Police, this university can play a significant role to build up a professional, service oriented, and humanitarian police force with education, training, and research.

Md. Ahsan Ullah is a freelance contributor.

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