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11 March World Kidney Day

11 March World Kidney Day
11 March  World Kidney Day. This day is celebrated all over the world to raise awareness about kidney disease. The day is celebrated on the Thursday of the second week of March every year. In its continuation, this time World Kidney Day-2021 will be celebrated. Kidney disease is one of the non-communicable diseases in the world today. The number of kidney patients is increasing all over the world. Women are more affected by this disease than men. The incidence of kidney disease is increasing day by day in Bangladesh. A kidney patient can be sure of this disease only when both the kidneys of his body are 60 to 70 percent crippled. For this reason, after getting the disease, the patient gets very little time for treatment. Long-term and expensive dialysis can keep the kidneys active. However, the cost is expensive. Dialysis and transplantation are expensive and most patients cannot afford it. In addition, the cost of kidney transplantation is less, depending on the availability of kidneys, but 5-7 lakh rupees, as well as the cost of lifelong medication. Because if a patient dies of heart disease, he is considered a heart patient, a heart patient for the kidneys The reason is not caught.

Many have kidney failure. In most cases there are no symptoms. As a result, patients do not realize that such a terrible disease has taken root in their body. Those who have diabetes or those who have diabetes in their family, those who have high blood pressure or someone in the family has kidney problems, should consult a kidney specialist at least once a year. The main causes of kidney dysfunction are diabetes, nephritis, high blood pressure, bacterial attacks on the kidneys, cystic diseases, and chaotic lifestyle. And in this age of adulterated and artificial food, a big problem is kidney stones. Kidney problems can be diagnosed through blood urea creatinine level test, ultra sonogram etc. If the disease is caught, it is possible to stay healthy by walking and eating according to the rules. Kidney patients can lead a normal life by drinking 8-10 glasses of water daily, controlling diabetes, controlling high blood pressure, exercising regularly and exercising. Remember that if you want to keep your kidneys healthy, you have to control your diabetes. On the occasion of the day, various social and voluntary organizations and various medical college hospitals will hold various programs in our country as well as all over the world. Today, Dr. MM Mazed, a prominent homeopathic researcher in Bangladesh, has written a special column on World Kidney Day.

The main cause of kidney disease is diabetes and high blood pressure. 10 years ago, the rate of diabetes in Bangladesh was 5-6 percent; At present it has increased to 11-12 percent. The rate of high blood pressure was 10 percent and now it is 20-25 percent. Due to these two diseases, the number of kidney patients is increasing every year in Bangladesh. Because the main cause of kidney disease is diabetes and high blood pressure . In Bangladesh, 40,000 patients are diagnosed with kidney failure every year. Only 20 percent of patients have access to treatment. The remaining 80 percent of patients died due to lack of treatment. About 40,000 people die every year. In order to gain a thorough knowledge of the Muay machine and any disease of the Muay, we must first have a correct idea about the Muay machine. The MU device can be divided into four main parts. Namely 1. Two kidneys which excrete mucus 2. Two mucous ducts or ureters which carry urine down from the kidneys. 3. A mucous membrane or urinary bladder where mucus is stored In the case of men it is the vaginal external organ and in the case of girls it is a hole. Parts of the musculoskeletal system: 1. Left kidney 2. Right kidney, 3. Aorta, 4. Inferior vena cava, 5. Left urethra, 6. Right ureter, 6. Urinary bladder 6. Urethra, significant Because the liver is on the right kidney. Each kidney is about 4/5 inch in length and two and a half inches at the ends.

The weight of each kidney in an adult is about 140 grams. The shape of the kidney is a lot like the inside of a barb. In front of the right kidney are the large intestine of the liver, duodenum and small intestine. In front of the left kidney are the spleen, pancreas, part of the stomach, small intestine and large intestine. Recently, more than 20 million people in Bangladesh are suffering from some or the other kidney disease. About 75 percent of patients seek medical attention after kidney failure. Every year 40 to 50 thousand people die from kidney disease. But through increasing public awareness 60 Percentage kidney disease prevention is possible in homeopathy. Any conscious person will be shocked by the shocking news of kidney failure and other serious kidney diseases in Bangladesh. According to statistics, out of about 160 million people in Bangladesh, about 20 million people are affected by kidney disease. Of these, the number of people suffering from chronic kidney disease is about one crore and eighty lakh. 5 people are dying every hour from this disease. Since treatment, such as kidney dialysis and new kidney transplants, costs millions of dollars, most patients die without treatment.

Moreover, most of the chronic kidney patients die of heart attack. Because kidney disease, heart attack and diabetes are closely linked. According to the report, the main reason for the unimaginable increase in the number of these fatal kidney diseases is the adulterated kidney experts say that the main cause is diabetes and high blood pressure. Because many of us don't know that most of the medicine we take enters the bloodstream and manages their activities. These two kidneys are then responsible for collecting them from the blood and removing them from the body. As a result, the more medicine we take, the harder our kidneys have to work, and as a result, the two kidneys become more weak-tired-tired-sick. Moreover, if they take too much medicine, they have to drink a lot of water to get it out of the body. But many of us do not accept the idea of drinking too much water. The main cause of kidney damage is nephritis and the main cause of nephritis.

Although the kidneys regularly excrete all the medicines we take, a couple of particles of the medicine inadvertently stick to the kidneys. Later, various germs, chemicals, dead cells, etc. accumulate on the particle and its structure changes. As a result, the kidneys can no longer recognize the particle. At one point the particle itself tries to be a part of the kidney. But the kidneys He refuses to accept that particle. Eventually, a civil war breaks out inside the kidney, which in medical parlance is called an autoimmune reaction. As a result the kidneys call for their own destruction and we become inhabitants of the grave. At the same time, our children are beggars on the path. Because of the cost of allopathic treatment for kidney disease, it does not take more than six months for any kidney patient's family to get on the road. Therefore, it can be said that hypertension and diabetes do more harm to our kidneys than harm to our kidneys. In the name of treating these diseases, the deadly harmful allopathic chemicals taken from age to age.

In particular, all the allopathic medicines that people take more and more (such as antibiotics, pain medications, arthritis medications, sleeping pills, blood pressure medications, mental illness medications, etc.) cause so much damage to the kidneys that they should be called kidney stones. It is a well-known fact that diabetes and high blood pressure are never cured by other conventional therapies; These are said to be "under control." The fact is that when a medicine is taken year after year, age after age, then that medicine can no longer control the disease but the disease itself controls that medicine. As a result, diabetes and high blood pressure are not cured but are getting out of control day by day.

Twelve of the kidneys were knocked out in Homeopathic medicine also claims superiority in medicine. Because other conventional medical methods can control the suffering of kidney disease, but the root causes behind kidney disease cannot be eliminated. Only homeopathic remedies can eliminate the underlying causes of kidney disease and thus prevent the recurrence of the same disease for several years in a row. Survivors of dialysis due to kidney damage can also get their crippled kidneys slowly activated by taking homeopathic treatment along with dialysis. Yes, in homeopathy, the human immune system is stimulated when the medicine is applied according to the history of hereditary disease tendency and physic-mental structure, characteristics, and as a result, in most cases, damaged kidneys start working well again. In some cases the kidneys are not completely good, but the number of dialysis patients can be reduced as a result of significant improvement.

For example, a patient who had to undergo dialysis twice a week may now have dialysis once every fortnight or once a month, and dialysis can be stopped completely once the kidneys are completely healed. But other conventional treatments, once dialysis is started, can no longer be stopped until the kidneys are replaced. Rather dialysis has to be done more frequently as the days go by. We need to understand that a damaged kidney can never be repaired through dialysis, but only by performing alternative kidney functions to keep the patient alive. Yes, it is true that ninety percent of diseases get better without treatment (due to our body's own immunity). It takes more time but with proper treatment, the disease can be cured in less time. Therefore, many temporarily damaged kidneys can get better without treatment. Usually homeopathic remedies for kidney disease can be completed within two to five years depending on the severity of the disease and the underlying cause of the disease. But the treatment of kidney disease with other conventional medical methods has to be continued for the rest of one's life. Damaged kidneys are other common

Treatment is never good. Because their goal is not to make the kidneys better, but to continue the work of the kidneys in an artificial way (such as dialysis and kidney replacement). Due to the mesometrical approach of homeopathic medical science, many wonderful things have happened in it, which is unimaginable in other medical methods. For example, in homeopathic treatment, good tissue grows in the place of damaged cells of the kidney. Usually after kidney transplantation in many cases the body of the kidney recipient does not want to accept this new kidney he rejects the new kidney this rate of rejection of the new kidney is quite high. These rebellions occur when people other than blood relatives receive kidneys. Against the new kidney in the conventional medical system The body has to spend millions of rupees to deal with this rebellion; However, in these cases, if homeopathic treatment is used before the operation (or even after the operation), it is possible to handle the rebellion at least one hundred times less.

After the new kidney is added, it is often seen that the level of kidney related diseases (such as diabetes, high blood pressure, etc.) increases to such a level that it can no longer be controlled. I have already mentioned how easily homeopathic remedies can be used to treat kidney related diseases like diabetes and hypertension. Kidney patients as well as those who do not have kidney disease but have a family history of kidney disease, should be free from the risk of kidney damage with preventive homeopathic treatment. Because a skilled homeopath can listen to a person's overall history, understand what diseases he or she is likely to develop in the near or distant future, and prescribe medication accordingly to protect him or her from the risk of contracting the disease. People who have been treated by a homeopathic doctor since birth are less likely to have kidney damage. Diabetic patients who are also suffering from high blood pressure at the same time, to receive homeopathic treatment from kidney failure. Homoeopathic treatment is not a disease. For this, the patient is treated. According to the homeopathic guidelines prescribed by Dr. Hahnemann, the treatment of any complex difficult disease including dialysis homeopathy of a kidney patient can be given by a person by the grace of Allah. World Kidney Day is celebrated on the second Thursday of March every year.


Dr. Muhammad Mahtab Hossain Mazed is Health Adviser, Central Committee of the Human Rights Review Society he is also Environment and Health Secretary and Green Movement Executive Council Joint Secretary, Bangladesh Homoeopathic Physicians Welfare Society .

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