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World Health Day

World Health Day
Dr. Muhammad Mahtab Hossain Mazed

While the world is struggling to prevent and control the dreaded coronavirus infection, thousands of people are being infected and dying every day, health workers including doctors, nurses, technologists are struggling to control the critical health situation, in such a global catastrophic situation (7 April ) Will. Health is the root of all happiness. Health is the name of physical well-being. Happiness is impossible for a sick person. Health is an invaluable resource. Good health is the key to a healthy and fresh life. We have been hearing about this since childhood. In third world countries like ours, poverty is one of the major obstacles to the good health of the common man, as is the lack of awareness. Health awareness is an issue on which a country's human resources depend to a large extent. Lack of good health of the citizens reduces the productivity of the country, slows down the pace of development. This is the significance of World Health Day. Today, in a special column on World Health Day, Dr. MA Mazed, a prominent homeopathic researcher in Bangladesh and editor of the Daily Health Information, writes in his column .....7 April  Wednesday is World Health Day being celebrated as an annual event. A specific theme is chosen to run health activities throughout the year. The World Health Organization was also established on this day. Per 

This year the organization chooses a health issue that is especially important for the whole world. This day is celebrated locally and internationally. In February 1948, the United Nations Economic and Social Council decided to convene a conference on international health. The International Health Conference was held in June and July 1948 and the World Health Organization Organizational Law was adopted. The organization's first conference in Geneva on the scheduled day was attended by 46 people, the organization's law was officially implemented. This day is called "World Health Day". World Health Day has been celebrated in various parts of the world on a regular basis since 1950 under the auspices of the World Health Organization. On the occasion of the founding anniversary of the World Health Organization, the day is celebrated with due importance every year in the member countries of the organization. Bangladesh has been observing the World Health Day since independence in 1972. The World Health Organization (WHO) has strongly recommended that every country in the world adopt a universal health care policy so that not a single person in the world is at risk of being deprived of health care. . In order to get the necessary health care, at least one crore people in different countries are forced to live below the extreme poverty line, earning at least  1.9 a year. On average, 8 million people spend more than 12 percent of their daily total on healthcare. This creates a massive economic risk. Citizens of developed countries, either individually or because of state policy Able to take health care. But the countries of Asia, Africa, South America or their people are failing to provide or receive this benefit. At the same time it does not mean free medical treatment for all people. It actually encourages the formulation of state health care policy in such a way that any state ensures people's participation in its economic structure and increases the chances of all people getting health care. Healthcare here does not mean just providing medicines. Healthcare means more- a. Necessary treatment of all patients, b. Preventive management of all possible non-communicable diseases, c. Timely prevention and medical management of seasonal infectious diseases, d. To take initiative to create all the institutional and social structures to maintain the ideal health of all human beings throughout life.

 Some World Health Day Tips: -* Choose a healthy lifestyle and try to get used to it gradually.* Exercise is very important to keep the body healthy. Try to stay physically active and active.* Eat a variety of foods, but make sure they are healthy. Avoid extra calorie rich foods. So as not to gain unnecessary weight.

* Keep body weight under control.* Never skip any food. Try to have breakfast-lunch and dinner on time. Fasting harms the body.* Eliminate processed and packaged foods. It contains more harmful ingredients than good ones.* Try to eat one to two seasonal vegetables and fruits a day.

* Control eating salt and sugar. This can lead to obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure and heart problems.

* Maintain water balance in the body.

* Keep anxiety and frustration away. For this you need to do yoga meditation regularly. Avoid any stressful situations. The World Health Organization, which is currently attacking the virus, has declared Novel 19 Corona an epidemic. The World Health Organization observes eight more days of health promotion, one of which is World Health Day. Others are World Tuberculosis Day, World Disease Prevention Week, World Malaria Day, World No Tobacco Day, World Blood Donor Day, World Hepatitis Day and World AIDS Day. That is, a specific theme is chosen to run health activities throughout the year.

Dr. Muhammad Mahtab Hossain Mazed is an Editor and publisher, Daily Health Information. He is alsoHealth Adviser, Central Committee of the Human Rights Review Society Environment and Health Secretary, Green Movement Executive Council Co-Chairman Homeopathy Research and Training Center

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