Published:  01:52 AM, 20 April 2021 Last Update: 02:18 AM, 20 April 2021

COVIT-19 becoming a beast

COVIT-19 becoming a beast
Our Bangladeshi citizens are not aware of COVID 19.They are going out without mask and they are not paying any attention to their safety .The highest rate in the history of Bangladesh has come under control from time to time but again the death rate has increased with it. People suffering from corners have increased 40 times more which published in the media. But about 90 to 100 people are dying and most of it is not published. Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is an infectious disease caused by a newly discovered coronavirus. Most people who fall sick with COVID-19 will experience mild to moderate symptoms and recover without special treatment. There might be a question arise in our mind that we are trying to stay safe but how it spreads in us where is our fault then we mustknow that-

The virus that causes COVID-19 is mainly transmitted through droplets generated when an infected person coughs, sneezes, or exhales. These droplets are too heavy to hang in the air, and quickly fall on floors or surfaces.We can be infected by breathing in the virus if you are within close proximity of someone who has COVID-19, or by touching a contaminated surface and then your eyes, nose or mouth.To limit the risks of getting COVID-19 follow these basic precautions:

*    Follow local guidance. Check to see what national, regional and local authorities are advising so you have the most relevant information for where you are.

*   Stay at least 1 meter away from others, even if they don't appear to be sick.

*    Wear a mask, especially when you can't physically distance.

Manage your risks by thinking about location and setting of the event, proximity to others and time you will be at the event. In other words, consider where you are going, how close you will be to other people and how long you will be there. Avoid crowded places and events, poorly ventilated indoor locations and prolonged contact with others

*   Open windows when indoors to increase the amount of outdoor air.

*   Avoid touching surfaces, especially in public settings, because someone with COVID-19 could have touched them before. Clean surfaces regularly with standard disinfectants.

*    Frequently clean your hands with soap and water, or an alcohol-based hand rub. If you can, carry alcohol-based rub with you and use it often.

*    Cover your coughs and sneezes with a bent elbow or tissue, throwing used tissues into a closed bin right away. Then wash your hands or use an alcohol-based hand rub.

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