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Follow the path of the honoured

Follow the path of the honoured

In the early days of my life, I have had the opportunity to get acquainted with some of the prominent people which I deem it to be my absolute. Apart from the fact that there is an art arena, I live in a very simple way with those who love art and those who love me. They continue to play a great role and keep my believe in my art world. They unleashed the golden rays from window for me. In the meantime I will express all my desires. Every artist's mode of expression is different. My expression is my painting.

My deepest feelings are written on the canvas as I want to be exposed to by the colors and lines because I want to love the people I am with. Early in my masters, my guide at Money The Studio arranged the subject with bottles, glasses, and pots for shapes in just black and white colour for life study as we did during the pre-degree class. He told me that passing a degree is not the only way to become an artist. Some stairs have to be fenced.

The subject of the Masters was creative art practice. That practice again, I thought? What happens by copying? But how to think out of box? I did not succeed. Seeing the picture, he got surprised. Are things looking so broken? I said, looking at it, I thought I have come to practice creative art. He said that if I draws like this, he will have to return to Bangladesh. Learn to think new. It is in this teaching that the real teacher guides in this way.

I am still following that path at this age. I still cannot tell if I have been on the right track all my life. It is like respecting the line of control, like the bandage of Robigan. But this different song of Bhavras is still enlightening us today. Where is the end of this huge treasure? Where is the end of Lalon music? In the age of globalization, there is no need to say that the contemporary artworks progress with its own pace in various atmospheres. But we are aware of everything but measurement.

No matter what the recipe is, if it is not tasty and healthy, is it befitting? That is why artist Binod Bihari has described cooking as a mainstream art. The social and cultural evolution is still going on in the millennium. The catastrophe of art tied to the flow. We have to think that the famine of taste does not consume us. We know that painting is not just about evaluating skills.

The spiritual relationship of the subject with artist has a key role to play. In 1980, I first met artists Mukul Dey and Ramkinkar Beaz in Santiniketan. Mukul Dey said, "I can understand what kind of picture you draw by seeing the tension of your line." Kinkar Da said if you want to understand my picture, look at the nature of Shastiniketan. There is no end to this line. There is no end to the veil of a real artist. That is what I learned to understand from the two gurus.

The nature of Bengal was written in Rabindranath's thought and the imprint of Lalon's spiritual songs can be seen in his songs. In his two and a half thousand paintings starting from the age of sixty, we see more about the thoughts of man and nature. This great modern cosmopolitan has confined himself to the touches of the art of the East. We see that feeling in Aminul Islam's picture. The art of Bangladesh is one of the most sought after for artists.

The words are my own and my own analysis. I will speak and write about those who have inspired me to practice painting. Gunijan's eternal words and deeds are the inspiration of my life. The way my life goes is a miscellaneous awkwardness. Joynul Abedin sharply portrayed the struggles of human for survival in his artworks. We have to go to them to protect our true art. If we want to save the industry of Bangladesh, we have to walk on the right path with everyone, only then we will be able to give due respect to them.

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