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Fuchka is one of my favorite food

Fuchka is one of my favorite food
Popular actress Prarthana Fardin Dighi. She has been spending time at home for a few days.  After giving a phone call the day before the interview, the actress said that she liked the questions of the interview very much.  It is not difficult for her to answer.  Then she kept on chatting with a cup of tea with Aurka Roy Shetu.

Q: How are you?

Dighi: Grateful to the Creator.  I'm fine so far.

Q: Dighi, one of the busiest heroines at the moment, how does it feel?

Dighi: Acting is always my hobby. Fulfilling the hobby is a matter of luck.  I have received a lot more support from my family.  All in all, I feel very good. I am the heroine.

Q: Tell me about how busy you are with shooting?  Is the industry evaluating newcomers properly?

Dighi: I finished all the shooting before the lockdown.  I am at home now. I have been acting since childhood.  I have always been loved by everyone in the industry.  No one has ever underestimated me.  But there has been criticism. I will get to know everyone in a new way with my work.

Q: How do you take critics?

Dighi: Bad publicity is also publicity. Everyone is not criticized. Those who do something good are criticized. Criticism always an inspiration to me.

Q: What kind of action, comedy, romantic story do you feel comfortable working on?

Dighi: I'm ready to do any character.  But my preference for the historical and romantic character has elicited a response from the audience.  I can adapt to any character. As an actress, I have to make myself suitable for all the characters.

Q: Why is Dighi so popular among fans?

Dighi: Many are my fans after watching my movies.  They love me very much. Because I am very simple.

Q: Where, how, what to spend this Eid?

Dighi: I will celebrate Eid in Dhaka. One day before Eid, I will wear a shirt. I used to wear three-four shepherds in my childhood. Now those memories We can not go anywhere. It is bad in many countries. This Eid comes with happiness to everyone.

Q: Share your beauty tips?

Dighi: Drink water. So, your skin is very beautiful.

Q: What kind of men do you like?

Dighi: Decent, honest, good sense of humor.

Q: How do you feel about eating?

Dighi: Fuchka is one of my favorite food.

Q: Are you afraid of cockroaches?

Dighi: I hate cockroaches.

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