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Delicious Eid desserts in microwave oven

Delicious Eid desserts in microwave oven

The occasion ofjoyous Eid is present before us again after one year. Eid-ul-Fitr brings a message of joy in every house after a long month of restraint and sacrifice. However, due to the outbreak of Covid-19, lockdown is underway across the country. Like last time, Eid celebrations will be limited this year as well. All the family members together will have to create the perfect ambiance for Eid so that coronavirus cannot be an impediment to the celebrations by the people locked inside their homes.

Food-loving Bengalis want to prepare special dishes during any festival. And there is a different kind of joy in making dishes of slightly different tastes for the loved ones on Eid. Many people caught in the lockdown are watching various cooking tutorials on YouTube and are preparing various dishes. Many are planning to do something special for the family during Eid. Microwave ovens are one of the most sought-after electronics products for easy cooking and dessert making. On this day of the festival, the role of a microwave oven for making different dessert delicacies easily for everyone in the quickest possible time is unparalleled.

Let's have a look at the recipes of two delicious desserts that you can make in the microwave oven at home for Eid.  

Malay Cake  

Ingredients (for cake)  Eggs (3 pieces), sugar (1 cup), flour (1 cup), baking powder (1 teaspoon), oil/butter (half a cup)  

Ingredients (for Malay)  

Liquid milk (two and a half cups), powdered milk (1 cup)



To make the cake, you have to prepare butter first. Eggs, sugar, flour, oil, and baking powder should be mixed well in a container to make butter. Then, take an oven-proof pot, brush it with oil and pour the butter into the pot. In this case, parchment paper can be used if desired. Now,preheat the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit or 180 degrees Celsius for 10/15 minutes. Then, the butter with the pan should be baked in the oven for about 30/35 minutes.


Pour milk into a pot on the stove and heat it with cardamom for 2/3 hours. When hot, it should be well mixed with powdered milk. This mixture should be thickened by stirring for 10/15 minutes.

Take the cake out of the oven and cut it into four squares. Then, pour Malay on the cake, leave it for 2/3 hours, cool and serve garnished with nuts.



Bread (2 pieces), liquid milk (2 cups), condensed milk (1 tablespoon), cream (2 tablespoons), sugar (half a cup), crushed almond (2 tablespoons), raisins (2 tablespoons), dates


First, you have to slice the bread on the chopping board. In a bowl, take liquid milk and mix it well with condensed milk, cream, and sugar. In the bowl you will be serving, first put slices of bread crumbs in a layer, put a layer of the milk mixture and crushed almonds on it, then again add another layer of bread crumbs, followed by crushed almonds, dates and raisins, and bake the mixture in the microwave oven for 3 minutes. Delicious Arabian dessert Umali is ready to be served.

If you have a good quality microwave oven at home, it makes it easier and hassle-free to make instant desserts for Eid or any festival. Singer's microwave ovens are ahead of any other brand in the market in terms of quality and durability. On the occasion of Eid, the company’s microwave oven can be bought availing of various attractive discountoffers ranging from Tk 6,490 to Tk 16,921. In the current adverse situation, buyers can order Microwave Oven online and get a free home delivery facility.

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