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Mustak Ahmmed Shanto:The inspiring journey of a young educational entrepreneur tycoon

Mustak Ahmmed Shanto:The inspiring journey of a young educational entrepreneur tycoon
Most of the students dream of getting higher education abroad Due to the lack of accurate information, the long-cherished dreams of many are interrupted in the middle Those who want to pursue higher education abroad are working to realize their dreams Mustak  Ahmmed Shanto.

Different developed countries of the world have always adapted their education system to keep pace with the times and value the needs of the time. In the current education system in Bangladesh, many students are not able to get admission in public universities every year. They often fail to build their education in a beautiful way. As a result, they cannot bring success through dynamic and modern education system. Until 1971, we were tortured and oppressed by the Pakistani regime. We have been deprived of education, literature, culture in every field. Even after independence, we could not go far One of the reasons for this is the bad luck, mismanagement and negligence of politics in the campus Our entire education system is affected by various diseases Colleges, especially universities, have always been used as a field of politics Education and students have always been affected due to various reasons including session jam Many parents spend their days worrying about their child's future So many students are interested in pursuing higher education abroad But they cannot fulfill their long cherished dream properly due to lack of proper information.

"Global Process Limited" is a savior for the students of the country Led by educational entrepreneur Mustak Ahmmed Shanto's, "Global Process Limited" arranges for desperate students to pursue higher education at reputed educational institutions abroad.

Students overall in everything including visa process in different countries easily including scholarships for higher education Collaborated with his consultancy firm.

Mustak Ahmmed Shanto is the Founder & Managing Director of "Global Process Limited" has placed himself in the company of students who are interested in pursuing higher education in universities around the world, helping students with university admissions, tuition, tuition fee management and studies as well as work.

In addition to providing adequate facilities to poor and meritorious students through various programs, Mustak has been striving for the socio-economic development of the country through various social programs. Mustak Ahmmed Shanto said, "I and my organization Global Process Limited are always trying to help the students with the correct information." My job is to give a clear idea for higher education abroad He has also employed a number of people in the office of Global Process Limited in Nikunjo-2, Dhaka. At present the number of employees stands at eight.

The institute is currently working on admission and scholarships for Bangladeshi students in universities in Asia and Europe.

There is also visa processing, immigration and tour arrangements, hotel bookings, travel insurance, travel loan arrangements and ticketing assistance. Young educationist Mustak Ahmmed Shanto has already gained a lot of reputation by providing maximum benefits to the students.

Mustak Ahmmed Shanto is an also popular Bangladeshi Musical Artist, Doctor, Musician, Film producer, Businessman, Consultant, Educationist, and Social Activist & Social Influencer. He is Mostly known as an educational entrepreneur rather than a Musician. Mustak also a self-published author has published several books.

Mustak Ahmmed Shanto, a World Education Congress-recognized best education entrepreneur and educator working for students, has received national and international awards for Outstanding Contribution in Education, Adorner Award, and International Edu Star for Leadership in Quality Award, Educational Institution Youth Best Academic and Industry Interface, China Best Education Entrepreneur 2020.

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