Published:  12:41 AM, 11 June 2021

Development of a nation is possible due to dynamic and methodical innovation:

Key forte of a nation is development. We must find out ways and means to develop nations located around the globe. As data available with me there are around 37 members which may be referred to as 'Developed Countries Club' as Organization Economic Cooperation and Development Countries rating, as per World Bank's rating there are 81 high income countries. From another angle we find that 30-50 club (GDP per capita over $30,000/- along with population over 50 million).  

All these have been developed to segregate highly developed and influential countries. Also by dint of our erudition we could trace out developed nations around the globe such as United States, Canada, most of Western Europe, which includes UK and France. From the Asian continent we find Singapore, Japan, China, Malaysia and India from South Asian continent. Also from South Asian continent we find that Peoples Republic of Bangladesh is no less lagging behind. As this concept is a growing concept still for the cognizance of many of my readers we refer the term, 'Development of a nation' or 'Developing Nation' as such where the average income is much lower than that of industrial nations in which we find that the economy relies on a few export crops where farming is conducted by primitive methods. We also find that in many developing countries rapid population growth badly retards the supply of food. Whatever are the pros and cons might be in order to develop a nation there arise the need for dynamic research and methodical innovation in India. Along with India it is also well applicable in Bangladesh too. India has developed in a much broader spectrum from the scenario what this country was during the time of Independence but more development is required as per demand arises in our country. As I write this column from India as being associated with a prominent English language daily of Dhaka hence felt it is imperative on my part to focus upon India and Bangladesh pertaining to my article.

Ways to develop India along with Bangladesh despite focusing upon dynamic and methodical innovation:

India and Bangladesh apart from political bifurcation from other aspects remain identical between each other. Hence it is desirable to note that to develop both nations to much broader heights it is the utmost responsibility on the part of both nations to develop due to dynamic and methodical innovation. As this writer being an Indian national it is my utmost responsibility to focus upon my motherland India to emphasize upon development through dynamic and methodical innovation. First let me touch upon India and later on I shall give softer touch upon India.


India and Bangladesh were once upon a time under dominations of British colony. India achieved Independence in the year 1947 on August 15 and later on Bangladesh achieved Independence in the year 1971 on December 16 from the clutches of tyrannical West Pakistan rule. From Indian perspectives we find that the Independence has been nearing 75 years with development pace being quite satisfactory. But as population growth has been burgeoning so in ratio to the growth in population we find that till date it is not yet satisfactory more development is required by this vast numbers of populaces who are based all around the country. So long India has been able to hold to her democratic tenets, levels of poverty have been wiped off to certain extent. Rather with pride we may utter that India has been able to become gigantic space and nuclear power. Also we find India has a sound foreign policy. Despite the partition of India in the year 1947 on August 15 the country landed up into a major due to aftermath of partition. But later on with development in diverse fields of activities during the decades of sixties, seventies and some parts of eighties but after that there has been severe slide in our development prowess.

Development trends in India since the dawn of Independence:

Development trends in India since Independence have been remarkable. More was expected by the vast numbers of populaces but that has not yet matured till date. It was since the dawn of Independence in the year 1947 on August 15, India has achieved progress in growth acceleration, income levels and standard of living. GDP was raised from Rs 2,939/- billion (1950-1951) F.Y. to Rs 56,330/- billion (2011-2012) F.Y. It was in financial year 2018-2019 GDP has risen up to Rs 1, 40,776 billion. It was during the said periods of time we find that agricultural and allied sectors, different sectors of industries blossomed like nothing. Also since the dawn of Independence of the country many new roads have been built up to around 6 million kilometer length. Drinking water and housing facilities have also increased but more needs to be done which is till date is not at all satisfactory.

What needs to be done as per development of Indian economy is concerned?

Though Indian economy has developed since the dawn of Independence but we should not be over complacent. There are some more ways and means by which we can develop Indian economy to raise our standard to global heights. Among all the ways and means some of the common ones are stated as follow:

Basic amenities should be provided to poor and downtrodden sections of Indian populaces.

Manufacturing sectors should be developed.

Research on science and technology should be further development of economy.

An organized development should be enacted by the planning bodies.

Employment generations should be upgraded.

Methodical innovation is required for economic development.

Rural areas should be further developed.

Agricultural sector should be further developed.

About Bangladesh:

Bangladesh is a country of around 50 years of Independence. It was once upon a time part of undivided British India but after 1947 everything changed drastically. Now the country is advancing towards path of prosperity and growth with populations around 18 crores. This country is fast emerging as a developing economy. As per economic development of Bangladesh goes by she is 37th largest as per nominal terms and 31st as per purchasing power parity terms. The economy of the country is dependent upon readymade garments and agro based industries. Bangladesh possesses substantial reserves of natural gas and is also well acclaimed as Asia's 7th largest gas producer. The country has the capability to textile products, ship building spares, fish and sea food products along with leather goods. Bangladesh is also a member of D-8 Organization for Economic Cooperation, Saarc member, International Monetary Fund, UNO, WB, WTO and finally Asian Investment Infrastructure Bank. During the financial year 2019-2020 Bangladesh exported $ 47 billion as well as imports amounting $ 46 billion.

Now in order to develop the economy of Bangladesh must emphasize upon the following areas as stated as follow:

A draft needs to be enacted for economic development of this country.

Education level should be updated for macro economic development.

Emphasize upon development of agriculture and agro based industries.

Economic cooperation should be enhanced with neighboring India.

Export oriented products should be emphasized for export purposes in order to develop economy of that country.

Methodical innovation is required for economic development.

Research on science and technology should be more emphasized.


Summing up my above views one point becomes crystal clear in our mind that economic development of both India and Bangladesh is not an easy task. In order to acquire development strides one point becomes apt in our mind is that both nations should emphasize upon dynamic research and methodical innovation so as to ensure economic development and prosperity for our future course of action. This vital points cannot not be ignored till the last breath of our life in this universe.

Sujayendra Das, 18Jodhpur Park,Kolkata, India.

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