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Published:  08:02 AM, 29 June 2021

Living Conditions, Tea Garden Workers of Bangladesh

Living Conditions, Tea Garden Workers of Bangladesh

-Afroza Nice Rima

The book Living Conditions, Tea Garden Workers of Bangladesh, unfolds the lives of people in tea garden community who hold their lives in a culture system and that is the way of their life. It embarks on the journey of their lives from dawn to dusk.
What I appreciated mostly was a clear overview of tea industry of Bangladesh, position of Bangladesh among tea-growing countries, salient features of the tea industry of Bangladesh, production, consumption and export of tea, tea growers in Bangladesh, Types of management, district-wise tea production in Bangladesh, new horizon in tea plantation etc.

In addition, the author showed how data was collected and analyzed. Another very useful feature is the introduction of the chapter on the whole research about tea-community people. The book opened with Khan Tea Estate of Jaintaipur Upazila in Sylhet where we can see the reflection of whole community of tea-garden people in Bangladesh. This research book shows that how tea community life can affect in a society or in a country but by degrees, they connected with the mainstream of the society. It is always a ray of hope where the Bangladesh Government, the visionary leader Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, special attention to that potential community during epidemic Covid-19.

This in-depth research is narrated brilliantly from born to death of their livelihood from the point of view of tea-garden community people. This research beauty lies in its way of narration, a sequential way of description with the words chosen nicely. An exceptional hard-working research upholds the backdrop of social discrimination. This research always pops the question into the mind of the reader, how can remove the pitfalls of the community and side by side how strikingly they contribute the country.

A stunning research, highly recommended for any researchers who wish to read something different or extraordinary work: a different way of simple writing, an exquisite way of telling the story of respondents. This research book Living Conditions, Tea Garden Workers of Bangladesh is geared toward researchers. The author builds the text of a specific community where it will be accommodating as a research guide what is remarkable and from where the overall picture and the details are in appropriate about the tea-garden community people.

Rahman, Md Afrazur, Living Conditions: Tea Garden Workers of Bangladesh, page1-80 7th April, 2021, Boimela. Publisher: Palok publishers, Dhaka, Price: tk 200, US$10.00.

Afroza Nice Rima is Senior Information Officer, PID, Bangladesh Secretariat, Dhaka

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