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Perspective of a 13-year-old About Covid-19

Perspective of a 13-year-old About Covid-19
I am pretty sure that you have seen plenty of interviews of people giving their views about the problems created by Covid-19 pandemic. But many of them, I have noticed have somehow ignored discussing about the problems faced by children of my age - I am only thirteen years old. In this context, I would like to present the perspective of my generation about the corona virus issue.

Benefits of Covid-19

Now, this title is surely a puzzling one! For, you must be surprised to hear that Covid-19 virus too has some benefits! Well, stop thinking logically and start thinking emotionally. Bangladesh is developing rapidly. Most of the parents living in this country are working parents. Our generation never really gets that chance to bond so well with our parents and the reason is that they do not stay home that often. There are many children who do not get an opportunity to see their parents, except for on weekends! So, where are parents getting time to have a friendly talk with their children? And of course, I do not blame the parents. They are doing all hard work so that their children have a better future, as we know money does not grow in the trees. But the coin turns in favor of the children when the government enforces countrywide lockdown. During the lockdown parents are forced to stay home. This provides an opportunity to them to create a special bond with their kids. I think this is a secret gift from God to my generation. But as God kept it a secret, you better keep it a secret too!

Problems of Covid-19

I think you were expecting this title to be here, weren't you? Well, if you were, I am glad that I could fulfill your expectation! Now, you see if I were to create a list of problems on this topic, it would have taken me a long time  So, I will not waste your precious time and just present the main problem. We all feel caged behind bars because we cannot go to school be these days because of Covid-19. It is a paradox that when schools were open, we all wanted to stay home and now, when we are staying home, we all want to go to school. Human psychology is truly a strange thing!  Well, I am not that freaked out about it, since we all have the same feelings.

Solutions to our problems

Now, here is a little advice for my generation to the solution of our two major problems. To reduce the boredom you can pick up new hobbies, take up online courses on subjects that interest you or bring out your hidden talent to the world through the various platforms. During the lockdown, I developed various new hobbies such as writing. Before this due to all the pressure and work from school, I never got the time to explore my talent of writing. But now, having so much free time, I can write as much as I want and whatever I want to write about. Secondly let's talk about bringing out our talent to the world. Like I said I love to write. Now, just writing for my own reading, cannot give me much satisfaction. So, I sent one of my writings to 'The Daily Sun'.

To my utter surprise and amazement my writing got published. You cannot  imagine the joy I had when I read my article in the newspaper! You probably read it too! That's how I got inspired to write this article! So, my point is, if you have a hidden talent show it to the world. If you are good at baking, make videos of your recipes and upload it on "YouTube". You'll also be able to earn a bit cash in this way. In this way, you will get more inspiration to continue your hobby and who knows one day you might it even turn it into your profession! Taking up hobbies is not really your jig? No, problem! If you love to learn things, there are various courses available online, through which you can improve your skills, such as "ALISON". "ALISON" provides free online courses for 'IT', 'Language', 'Sales and Marketing', 'Management', 'Health', 'Business', 'Engineering and Construction', 'Personal Development' and 'Teaching and Academics'. You can improve your academic capability and also prepare yourself far better for your future career. And last but not the least, there is always the lazy way. Lie in your bed all day, study a bit, watch a little TV and then sleep again.  Seriously speaking, I do not prefer this.

Finally I would like to conclude this writing of mine by saying that do not let this lockdown put a lock on your life. Move on, discover your hidden talents and show them to the world. Do not think of lockdown as a barrier in your life. But think of this as an opportunity to achieve new accomplishments and bring out the better in you. 

Sadat Zarif Hakim is a student of Playpen International School (Class VIII) Bashundhara, Dhaka .

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