Published:  12:25 AM, 10 July 2021

Mata Sagar: The large tank in Dinajpur

Mata Sagar: The large tank in Dinajpur

Mata Sagar is a large tank of Dinajpur. This is near to the "DinajpurRajbari". MataSagor is situated at the in Dinajpur town at Raja Rampur village. Once all banks of the water tank was covered with very high hills. Mata Sagor is more attractive than the SukhSagor, and they never dry at any season.

How to go
Dinajpur and Dhaka are also linked by road. You take a bus from Dhaka to get to Dinajpur. One can start his journey for the monument from Dinajpur town or Sayedpur Airport by any kind of motorized vehicle. We suggest travelers to hire a rickshaw van of take a ride by 'Nosimon' from the place called 'Das Mile*, which means 10 miles' upto 'Baro Mile*, which means 12 miles' boat point. It may take 10-20 Taka person for ride.

Where to stay
The accommodation facilities in Dinajpur are developed than before.

Things to do
You can take pictures of the lake and observe the view of this beautiful place.

Eating facilities
You can get different types of food items there. It won't be a great problem to find a suitable restaurant for you to eat. The foods are also very delicious. You can get foods also from the resident hotel where you are staying.

Travel tips
There is a small market where you can find different types of items that are related with these places. These are really nice places that are very charming.

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