Published:  09:38 PM, 14 July 2021

Three poems of Abdallah el- Gasmi

I Constructed my Throne from my Poem

Carrying the torch of sadness
I drag my shadow with me 
Embrace me 
For I desire to share the world with you

Lust has no wings...
Pour the delicious pain in my veins
The sun that shines from your lips burns the air between my ribs…

My beloved appears as a wild doe
During the day time, my prophecy takes me away
Playing with the soul’s flowers 
And dancing around my wound…

The universe is as sad as me
I carry a cold mountain and a cloud on my shoulder
Alone I wander around the borders of the galaxy
Searching for a strange god like me to awake the sleeping dawn
Between the eyelids of my beloved 
And to light up the darkness of dreams inside me…

The exiled poet comes out of me
He sits in the cold gardens of my sorrows 
Drawing a green star in the distant burnt horizon
Releasing the birds of dream 
Extending all visions 
Redesigning the engineering of colors
Becoming brother to the water and fire….

I can remember the shape of my expatriate. 
My tongue is wax and my language burns me
My language is not a yellow forest
I can now take the seagulls on a cruise
I can now embrace the pains of universe within me

My tongue is wax and my tongue burns me
I hail my strength 
I am the exiled one in my body 
I let the butterflies of love go to the fire 
I subdue the elements of creation to my laws 

Glory to me…!
I am still maturing poetry and adoration until the god of madness appears to me
 (I'm still fond of the lights until the lights appear to me)
I am about to be burnt by love  
I am a shadow of god
I constructed my throne from my Poem…

Narcissus & Jasmine Orchard

Alone with the night, I embark a cloud of wild violet
My father, who rode the bronze horse of death, left me
For the cotton stones and snowy mountains
I crawl between crowds of hungry people 
Like a weak mist, I encircle the roads and cry at night on my mother's chest
No wave in my hand 
In my palm hand, a sad willow tree grew 
Alone with the night, I embark a cloud of wild violet
O’ Bulbul that got drenched in the moonlight go and fly away
Out of my hands, a storm of orange suns blows 
My eyes are two boats wandering in the ocean
My heart is a cold winter
I used to flow with the pain between the letters and walk to the sea 
I walk and jasmine grows vigorously between my steps 

The streets are crowded with lovers' sighs 
O my beloved woman! Let me grow inside of you as a wild herb 
Let me harvest the wheat from your breasts
When the winter comes, I used to take my words to the bar and get drunk from drinking pain 
When I get back to my office, the letters used to whip me   
And the words turned into gallows and the odes into orchards of slat 
When the spring comes, I used to accompany my pen to the old cottages  
And get drunk from drinking pain
When I go back home, the odes used to whip me because I took off my virgin dress
When summer comes, I used to look for an orphaned rain between my beloved’s breasts    
When autumn comes, the blood becomes yellow between my lips 
And the shadow of a God inside me rises so that I may to be sweeter than sugar

My body is a cold lake and my soul trembles like a bare willow tree 
Uproot the rock out of my ribs! 
Put your perfume in the swamp of memory! 
Bathe in the cavities of heart and construct churches and then pray on the dream carpet as a nun
Play a wild tune 
My eyes are two roses of pearls
My fingers are flocks of wild gazelles running between tragedies
My body is a forest of mist
Like a breeze scented with joy, light the walls of my realm   
Let millions of suns erupt from my stars and dance your favorite dance
So that the bare trees inside me may come to leaf 

The Quatrain of the Daily Pain

When words are filled with frontiers  
Poetry comes from outside the galaxy to overwhelm everything

Poem is like a could shedding tears at the birth of the moon

Rain has a Language that cleanses the blood
Thus words hasten like bullets coming out of nowhere

My language gives to my beloved wings of wax.... To fly away
And fall into myself to the utmost distance …

I open the album of my days that have departed faraway 
Look under the soles of seconds
Look at my poems
And behold one thousand hearts waking up everywhere in my body…

When I am alone with the poem, a devil jumps on the paper
Inserting nails inside me... Thus all gods sink in the blood… 
When I am alone with the poem and about to lure it
Ecstasy turns into pain and the body remains floating like traveling sails …

-Abdallah el- Gasmi is a Tunisian poet 

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