Published:  05:54 AM, 20 July 2021

Take Urgent Steps to Control the Market

Take Urgent Steps to Control the Market

Imran Hossain

Like more than two hundred countries around the world, Bangladesh is also heavily affected by this deadly coronavirus. As a result of which public life has become much damaged. The way of life of common people has changed. Due to this horrible condition of Corona, a severe lockdown is going on in the country. So many deaths all around have naturally terrified people.

Even when the people of the society are spending their time in a state of panic and frustration, various problems are taking shapes which are affecting the hard working people of the society. We are facing one problem after another.Everyone's income has decreased during the coronation period. Due to the impact of one lockdown after another in the country, the limited and low-income people are now a kind of disorientation.

The impact of the lockdown has reduced the income of people who work normally. Some have lost their jobs and some are earning low incomes. In this situation, low income people are spending their days in extreme misery. In the meanwhile, the price of every product in the market of dance products like salt sprinkles is increasing which is a threat to the poor people.

According to a recent report say daily commodities are skyrocketing on the pretext of an all-out lockdown. Despite adequate supply, ten products were sold at higher prices in different markets of the capital on Thursday. These are: sugar, onion, potato, fish, vegetables, cinnamon, turmeric, dried chillies, ginger and powdered milk. Income people have become very confident.

On the other hand, the daily market commodity price list of the government body Trading Corporation of Bangladesh (TCB) shows that the price of potato has increased by 7.69 percent per kg in one day. Ginger prices rose by 10.34 per cent, cinnamon by 4.94 per cent, ground milk by 3.13 per cent and turmeric by 22.22 per kg in the last two days.

Besides, the prices of almost all types of fish have increased by Tk 20 to 100 per kg in different markets of the capital and the prices of different types of vegetables have also increased by Tk 5 to 10 per kg. According to the report, sugar was sold at Tk 72 per kg in Nayabazar, Rampura, Mirpur-1, Mirpur-6 and Khilgaon's Sepahibagh Bazar on Thursday, up from Tk 80 two days ago.

Cinnamon increased by Rs 50 to Rs 400 per kg, Ginger by Rs 30 to Rs 160 per kg, Dried chilli by Rs 20 to Rs 220 per kg, Domestic onion by Rs 5 per kg to Rs 50-55 per kg, Potato by Rs 2-3 per kg to Rs 22-25 per kg. The imported garlic is being sold at Rs 135 per kg with an increase of Rs 5, local turmeric at Rs 280 per kg with an increase of Rs 60 and Dano turmeric at Rs 80 per kg with an increase of Rs 30.

The excuse of the shopkeepers was to bring goods at higher prices from the wholesale market due to the increase in prices. Usually the price of a commodity increases only when the supply of the commodity is less than the demand of the buyers in the market. And there is a crisis of that product in the market. Although there are instructions to close everything else in the country due to the lockdown, there are instructions to keep the shops of daily necessities open in compliance with the rules.

Accordingly, due to the crisis, it is not possible to increase the price of any product of the country in one day. Because there is no crisis of this product in the country. But even then the sellers are showing excuses for the lockdown.In the hope of making extra profit on the pretext of lockdown, the black hands that are increasing the prices of commodities in this time of crisis in the country will have to bring the black hands to the forefront of the law.

The arbitrariness of these market-controlling hotheads poses a threat to the low-income people of the society. Because they eat day in and day out. Their income has decreased due to the ongoing lockdown. On the other hand, the prices of essential commodities are rising. When the price of goods suddenly goes up in the market, the people of low income naturally fall into misery.

Because even if the price of goods goes up, their daily income does not increase. As a result, he has to buy from the previous fixed income. That is why ordinary people have to suffer. In such a situation, if the amount of income decreases and the price of goods increases, then we have to suffer more.

We have already seen the picture of artificial crisis in the country despite having adequate stocks of goods. Sometimes the price of onion, sometimes the price of potato, sometimes the price of vegetables and sometimes the price of rice has gone up even in the season full of Aman paddy. This is what happened a few days ago. The price of rice has increased by 7-8 per kg in the monsoon season. In the same way, in spite of having adequate supply of goods, it is necessary to take care that the common man does not have to suffer in the increase in the price of goods like last time.

If the price of a commodity rises due to a real product crisis, then the deficit needs to be filled. Strict measures have to be taken so that others do not get a chance to commit such a crime after seeing this punishment. In this market epidemic with severe lockdown in the ongoing epidemic in the country, the poor people have to take care so that they do not suffer more.

Imran Hossain is Organizing Secretary of Bangladesh Young Columnist Forum,  Jagannath University.

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