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Successful journey of a women entrepreneur

Successful journey of a women entrepreneur

In this age of information technology, the lifestyle of women has become easier. Women's empowerment is increasing day by day. Now our women want to be self-reliant through their hard works. Many women are now involving in online business, while many women have already become successful by blogging.  Ratna Akter who hailed from Jhenaidah is such a successful women entrepreneur. Now she is earning money by blogging online from home despite continuing her studies. She is a degree second-year student of K.C College, Jhenaidah. She thinks that women will no longer be neglected in the society. Success will come through willpower and efforts.

That's why Ratna is not giving up and is moving forward with the cooperation of her husband and in-laws. Talking to Ratna Akhter, she told our correspondent, "I tied the knot with Imran Hossain, a coaching director and a young social worker at Molla Para in the district, seven years ago. I have a daughter, in-laws and sister in-law in the family. At first I continued my studies along with family. Then one day, I think about how to do business online from home? With that in mind I actually started online clothing business (ladies wear)." 

"At first I opened a Facebook page and continued to run the business through it. At that time, when many people, including my husband, encouraged me, I got an idea about blogging. At that time looked at the blogging of Lucky Sumon's blog carefully and through their encouragement, I started blogging by opening an ID on the Facebook page named Imran Ratna's blog. Even after this, I have been able to overcome various obstacles and become a follower of around three lacs today due to the cooperation of my husband, she further said.

Some people stand against women's freedom in the society. They always neglected women and make fun of them. I was determined to reach my goal even after hearing the bad comments of various people. Some people will criticize or comment on it If I blog at home, I am moving forward with that in mind. But not everyone is bad. Due to the encouragement and love of many people, there are now three lac followers in my blog page.

However, at first I was frustrated or annoyed to hear some people saying bad things while running this page, but I didn't give up, she added. "When I posted it live or video, it reached to millions of people. Many videos have gone viral. My goal will be in the blogging sector only if I can give something for the people of the society with the help my family, Ratna further added.Other women should also do something for the family instead of just sitting at home. With dreams, a little capital and hard work, it is possible to go a long way, she concluded.

---Liton Sarker Badol,

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