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Three poems of Dr. Tzemin Ition Tsai

Wind moon

In the days of autumn, the village stretches over the weeping cliffs of the sunset
A small river in a wilderness revolves and ripples among the mountains
Butterflies are flying on the steps to prevent the bamboo fence from blocking the dust
Last night, the aroma of the heavily brewed spring wine had not yet drifted away
But a faint sorrow came from the small courtyard
The drunk host flicked his sleeves on the high-rise platform, could it be that the guests were stranded
They knew each other according to the spirit of the wine, but who
Remembered the wind and moon linger, many plum blossoms have fallen in the spring water of the front wave
The light of the lake and the shadow of the moon are cold with each other
The mountains are remote and small, so difficult to distinguish their emerald green
Dream of disillusionment, a empty talk is hard to get a soul mate
The pair of verdant cypress trees, laughing together the distant mountains looked so dark and verdant
Since you have promised to open the window for me
Don't alarm the apes and don't cause the grievances of the cranes
Sit down and listen to my fairy-styled friend and talk about world affairs in front of the green mountain
The wind moon in the south of this river have always been so gigantic and vigorous
The huge crowd of people, can there be a day without turmoil?
How many times can the drunk spring breeze extradited the plum blossoms?
The lonely dream in mist is easy to break, and the wind and the moon deliberately indifferent to each other 
It’s not really easy to ask them to be in the same soul

Why that flower is nagging at my mind

Gray house
With courtyard large and quiet
No one really knows how deep it is?
Willows along the pond
Raise a large piece of cloud
Like curtains with no end
One layer over the first layer
High officials and noble lords who came by horse carriages
One after the other
Looking far
Can't see the end of the road

When the street light is on
Night falls
Fine rain drifts in the wind
Heavy red gate
Blocking dusk entry
But also blocked the leakage of spring fulls in the air
Falling flowers ask with tears full in eyes
Who knows my heart?
The rain keep silent in the wind
Fly to thousands of miles away
Fairy Narcissus

The fairy who descend to the human world from heaven
Step on the melancholy that fell into the mortal world
There are only a false step and an involved melancholy in the bag
Turned into the flower of Narcissus, pale still
Isolated, the shadow on the shore
Looking at the water, fluttering in the air
Hallucinations, thinking that she is still in the sky
Must do the frogs under her feet keep calling Narcissus, Narcissus and Narcissus?
Must do the butterflies above her head kiss her flower?
What is it that tempts the wind to caress her trumpet-shaped Narcissus?
Narcissus cover your ears
Narcissus desperately shaking his head
The narcissus still keeps his head down
Narcissus, just looking at the reflection of the water
Cry helplessly
I am not a flower Narcissus
I am the fairy Narcissus

Dr. Tzemin Ition Tsai is a Taiwanese poet and professor

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