Published:  03:23 PM, 30 July 2021 Last Update: 03:36 PM, 30 July 2021

Two poems of Dr. Alaa Sameh Abd Alhameed

Once we met

Once we met up the hill
I can remember your eyes, I still
The rays emitted from them and drill
My poor heart in love fills
True lover doesn't buy or sell
Pure emotions, he fights for them even kill
My heart without you is ill
You must come before March April
Before tomorrow, before now my soul calls you my blood in cell
They all need you like water in a well
You are my paradise, you are my hell
You are my imagination and reality as well
You are my past, present and will.
You can't say goodbye or touch the bell.

Without her
I am not okay, I am not fine
Without her sun doesn't shine
Give me Vodca or give me wine
Give me something makes me decline
I will write poetry, do miracles, I will be Einstein
Every letter is to you, every word,and every line
You aren't yourself but you are mine
You breathe through me, follow my movement and sign
Be here my Darling be awake
Our love is like an earthquake
It is real you see not fake
What I can do, what I can make
My heart runs fast without break
My hand moves and shakes
Give me your hand, and my hand you can take
Life will smile if we meet together in our house beside the lake.

Dr: Alaa Sameh Abd Alhameed is an Egyptian poet

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