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Three poems of Guna Moran

Sorrow of achievement

To get the have not
To eat the untasted
To see the unseen
That I reached the place
With the enthusiasm, sacrifice and

I cannot return back even
With the same enthusiasm and zeal

The deluge of achievement
Appears to have
Carried away the spirit

The sorrow that I feel now
At the joy of achievement
There hadn’t been such sorrow
During the time of no achievement 

Am returning the joy and
best wishes to you
in return
Return me the sacrifice and slog

Rather than staying still
like a flower vase
It is far better
To keep moving on
Like a meandering river

The achievement and joy of life 
Is in moving on

You keep gazing at me
Raising your head
Had I possessed a horizon
Would have indulged
in a long conversation with you

On my bosom
The Sun, the Moon 
and countless stars
Yet, how lonely am I
Holding all of them in my embrace
No one knows that except me

Like a flowing river
I too desire ardently to flow along

The wave of my bosom
Wishes to creep along
A magnetic power
Brings me back
Does not allow to go away

The passerby imbibes
The sonorous beat
Of the song oozing from my heart
But they fail to see
The accumulation of sorrow

(Translated by Bibekananda Choudhury)
-Guna Moran is an Assamese Poet and critic

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