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Three poems by Ewith Bahar


In my palm I keep my dream
Mingled with reality and illusions
Nurturing them to be alive in wildered competitions

In my twenty four hours
I create ways to change the impossible
to enable them. being visible

My faith convinces
They will punctually come
And I distinctly hear the voices.

Light creeps through the crack

Going through life's valleys and paths
You may say the world is rude
Leads to a mental decay
That you take it as a sign of derangement

All the hopes may seem but futile
The body and mind become increasingly brittle

Trials and calamities
Trap you in roaring pain
Who's despairingly yearning for bliss
Hardly find a way out but all in vain

But we are the humans
Who don't shrink from the hardships
Just persist to be brave and upright
Waiting the light creeps through the crack.

A new love

A new season comes when half a day gone
You knock my shivered heart at starless midnight
And the most quiet love grows sudden in my cell
With your sweetness that melting my harshness

With the serenity you carry
You teach me how heavenly
Love without noises
But abundant with praises

It's a mystical love
With adoration and submission
Calm but burning.

Ewith Bahar is a published author, poetess, novelist, translator and essayist of Indonesia

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