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Hakaluki Haor in Moulvibazar

Hakaluki Haor in Moulvibazar

Hakaluki Haor is a marsh wetland ecological system of Eastern Bangladesh in an area bordering Assam, India. It is one of Bangladesh's largest and one of Asia's larger marsh wetland resources. Some 190,000 people live in the surrounding Hakaluki Haor area.

Hakaluki Haor was designated an Ecologically Critical Area (ECA). It's also a protected Ramsar site of international importance for the conservation and sustainable utilization of wetlands. The surface area of Hakaluki Haor is 181.15 km2, of which 72.46 km2 (40.01%) is within the territory of Barlekha Upazila. The Haor is partly under the jurisdiction of Barlekha Upazila.

How to go
It is 65 km away from Moulvibazar Sadar Upazila. First, you have to reach Moulvibazar. From Moulvibazar you can take a CNG auto rickshaw.You can reach to Moulvibazar from Dhaka only via bus directly. If you want to travel by train, you need to get off at Sreemangal station. Then you need to take a local bus or CNG to reach Moulvibazar. In case, you would like to fly to Moulvibazar, you have to reach Sylhet first, then you can take a direct bus to Moulvibazar.

Where to stay
Moulvibazar has several good quality hotels in the town. There are some resorts too. Sreemangal, the nearby Upazila also has number of 5 star resorts around it.

Things to do
Hakaluki Haor adorns itself differently in different seasons. During monsoon the Haor area turns into an endless sea. In winter it's a different picture.
1. Hundreds of migratory birds flock together and make the Haor heavenly for the spectators mainly the bird watchers.
2. Hakaluki Haor is a unique place to visit specially for the nature-lovers. It is an ideal place for a nature lover.

Travel tips
Monsoon season is the best time to visit this spot.

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