Published:  12:02 AM, 05 October 2021

Prosun's SasthyaSeba is pacing countrywide

Prosun's SasthyaSeba is pacing countrywide

Prosun's SasthyaSeba Limited came at our salvation to support the terrible health care toppling that fell upon us due to the vicious coronavirus pandemic. It rescued us when people had to rush from door to door to get emergency support. A visionary mind envisioned this noble act. From there Prosun started his journey.  

SasthyaSeba provided all necessary health care in his platform which is pretty implausible to establish.  

Uplifting the motto which goes by " To provide a reliable and accessible solution to our clients" & for giving it life two enthusiastic friends commenced their Institutional  journey in 2021 though they began in 2019 disregarding the profit generation. They try to render the best medical care to their patients 24/7 which already bagged people's trust.  

They don’t just provide medical care besides they offer doctor's appointments, ambulance services & appropriate medical information as well. This institution became a reliable symbol of hope & assurance to the common people by providing the oxygen when it was much in dearth! Besides they have easier access to the diagnosis of any ailments sitting from home. Any diagnosis can be done properly under reasonable cost from their home service facilities.  

Although their main workstation is at Gulshan they facilitate home service around the city and deliver telemedicine care online which gathered substantial appreciation. Any kinds of health services can be obtained from their official site ( Along with that their android app is also helping the cause. They also have a hotline no (09611 530 530) by dint of which people can contact promptly in their crucial needs. They even offer nursing care & physiotherapy. They also possess a blood bank to channel emergency blood requirements for a patient. Their long list of offerings concludes with an insurance facility.  

The founder of this noble Institution born on 17th December,  1988 who has a huge collaboration of more than 3000 physicians and 200 hospitals with his institute. He's a cinema lover and a travel enthusiast. He prefers to travel cities with a window delighted seat in a bus.  

Prosun also held his success in the corporate world. After conferring with BBA and MBA from renowned University, he worked at an e-commerce institution named 'Ghore bazar'. He carried out his responsibility as a CEO at Soft Alligators and also was the founder of Dhaka marketing service.  

ProsunBipro has worked diligently to heap a drastic development in the health care system. His brilliant effort named 'health care limited 'will be people's reliance in the coming days. Prosun lives by the moment of spreading this health care support throughout the nation.   

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