Published:  12:10 AM, 06 October 2021

Diner Sheshe

Diner Sheshe

"I was itching to start earning ever since I was in middle school. Papa was an artisan; he was at the mercy of his contractor his whole life; he'd struggle to pay rent and my school fees. So I knew early on that I wanted to be my own boss and earn well for my family.

I wasn't the best student, but I pushed myself to get a B.Com degree and worked at a diamond factory while studying on the side to save up for my business. But as soon as I graduated, Papa lost his job. My brother was still studying, so I decided to get a job to earn and pay my brother's fees. I'd slog for 10 hours a day and barely make Rs 8,000 a month.

Around that time, my cousin in Rajkot had started his kitchenware business; he asked me to manage it. I was desperate to get away from my miserable life in Mumbai, so I moved to Rajkot and within no time, became his right-hand man. I learnt the trade and the nitty-gritty of the business, but at the back of my mind I knew that although I was running thebusiness, I couldn't call it 'mine.' My cousin sensed that and said, 'Why don't you start something yourself?' That's when I decided to go all in.

I borrowed Rs 50,000 from my friends and set out to the best kitchenware manufacturers to buy goods. I was just 22; striking my first deal was tough-they didn't trust me and thought I was a dupe! Thankfully, they sold me the goods after my cousin spoke to them. I started off well-from finding retailers to figuring out the logistics, I loved every bit of the process. But then, my competitions started selling the same items at a cheaper rate. Business dwindled; I was sitting on Rs 3 lakh worth of stock.

That's when my cousin told me about the Flipkart Seller Hub. So, I grasped at the last straw and listed my products online. I didn't have a Rupee left in the bank; I had to move into my cousin's place. I depended on him for two square meals and anxiously waited for the first customer; that was a testing period.

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