Published:  02:56 AM, 10 October 2021

Worldwide waffling

Worldwide waffling

A pygmy pipehorse discovered off the New Zealand's north coast was given a Mori name in what is believed to be the first time that an indigenous group has been formally listed as the naming authority of a new animal species. The pygmy pipehorse, a fish closely related to the seahorse, has been named Cylixtupareomanaia by kaum? tua (senior leaders) of Ng?tiwai in a collaboration with biodiversity scientists, Dr Thomas Trnski from T?maki Paenga Hira Auckland Museum, and Graham Short from the California Academy of Sciences.

The New South Wales president of the Australian Medical Association, Dr Danielle McMullen, said the "scope and breadth" of changes to the NSW roadmap out of lockdown caught the peak doctors' body by surprise, and that she is concerned it may lead to "skyrocketing cases".Premier Dominic Perrottet announced some significant departures from the roadmap on Thursday, accelerating plans to reopen the state.

When lockdown measures begin to lift from 11 October, 10 visitors will be allowed in homes, not counting children 12 and under - double the limit of the previous roadmap. Perrottet also lifted the cap on outdoor gatherings from 20 people to 30, and increased the cap for weddings and funerals from 50 to 100 people.

The Union Road Transport and Highways Ministry has announced that the National Vehicle Scrappage Policy will come into effect from April next year. Under the policy incentives, states and union territories (UTs) will offer up to 25 per cent concession on road tax for vehicles that are bought after scrapping of old vehicles.Under the Scrappage Policy, the ministry has proposed to have a system of incentives so as to encourage vehicle owners to their give up and scrap their old and polluting vehicles.

Of the many health conditions that people live with, diabetes is considered to be one which requires most discipline in terms of food and lifestyle, else it can severely harm the body, mainly the heart.In most cases, diabetes requires life-long treatment to keep the glucose level in the blood within the normal range.

Sugar is the source of energy for our body cells, and it is stored in the liver as a form of glycogen. In diabetes, a human body becomes unable to produce enough insulin hormones; even if it can produce, it fails to utilize the hormone properly. Insulin allows our body to turn glucose into energy. If the body struggles in metabolizing glucose, it can lead to high blood sugar levels.

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