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Monash education through the lens of an alumnus

Monash education through the lens of an alumnus

Amid Hossain Chowdury  

Just a few months ago, Universal College Bangladesh (UCB), got selected as the exclusive partner of Monash College in Australia. Offering the students of Bangladesh a lucrative opportunity to jumpstart their journey to a degree at Monash University from the very comfort of the native country. I was happy about it as so many students will now be able to pursue a foreign degree at an affordable cost. At the same time, I cast my mind back and took a walk down the memory lane that made me a bit nostalgic about my days at Monash College Australia.  

Interestingly, my elder brother and I have both studied at Monash and in two different countries. He was in Australia while I studied in the Malaysian campus.My education with Monash College has changed the way I look at the world alchemically and opened up many windows for me since it gets relatively easy for Monash graduates (Monashians) to get employed at reputed organizations all around the world owing to the high rankings Monash holds in various global university rankings. In today’s highly competitive world, the Monash passport ultimately gives you the edge over other candidates.  

Moreover, once you graduate from Monash College, you will be exposed to a wider network comprising of international alumni, which will help you stay competitive and competent to face the challenges of the modern world.  

Monash University is inspired by the motto “AncoraImparo” (I’m still learning),whichreminds me that the search for knowledge never ends. In continuation to that search, Monash College in Australia has embarked on a new journey in Bangladesh with Universal College Bangladesh, the only Ministry of Education-approved international education provider in Bangladesh.  

After reading the news, my curiosity increased, and so, I have tried to dig deeper and know details about this opportunity. I was happy to know 3 things. First, the complete education process of UCB, starting from annual teaching plan, semester breakup, learning objectives, curriculum to testing, and evaluation process, are all directly monitored and supervised by Monash College Australia. The academic performance is also reviewed on a continuing basis with global benchmarks. Such close monitoring leaves no room for confusion as far as ensuring global-standard education is concerned.  

Second, faculty members are winnowed down from a pool of deserving candidates following standard procedures, and only highly qualified teachers are selected for teaching students at UCB. Lecturers working here are either Ph.D., MSc/MBA, or equivalently qualified and have earned degrees from reputed US, UK, or Australian universities or leading Bangladeshi institutions. After a rigorous interview process, the appointment is officially confirmed by Monash College, Australia, upon meeting all the specified qualification requirements. Third, students completing the UCB program will not have to worry about future prospects andthe valuation of their certificates. UGC will provide a certificate of recognition to the students who have completed the UCB program. Internationally, Deakin University and Swinburne University Australia have formal articulation agreements with Monash University Australia for such cross-university acceptances. Additionally, Monash University Foundation Year certification is comparable to the Australian Year 12 qualification, whereas Monash College Diploma at UCB is equivalent to Monash University first-year degree qualification.  

After knowing all these, I was in awe of such an opportunity. Bangladeshi students can now begin their journey to earning a foreign degree without bearing extra expenses. Just like me, it’s your chance to learn and grow together and be a part of this beautiful Monash journey.     

Amid Hossain Chowdury is the head of marketing at Universal College Bangladesh      

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