Published:  04:20 AM, 16 October 2021

Expedition to Catch 134 Human Traffickers; Human Trafficking Must Be Prevented

80 percent of the expatriate workers who have returned home due to coronary injury are living a jobless life. Many of them are turning to brokers in the hope of a better life, with a significant number of people being targeted by traffickers. The trend of illegal travel to Europe on three routes is on the rise, and there are three new routes for human trafficking - one. From Dhaka to Turkey or Libya, two. India, or from Sri Lanka to Libya and three. Travel from Dhaka to Europe via UAE or Jordan. A recent storm is regarding Kishoreganj's Ishar Uddin.

A total of 11 voice recordings requesting to live, were sent to Sumi- wife of Ishar Uddin of Bhairab upazila of Kishoreganj, in between May 13 and 18, 2020. What has happened to the missing Ishar Uddin since then is still unknown. Sumi's brother-in-law Mohammad Ali filed a case with the Tejgaon police station on the basis of the voice record. Dhaka Metropolitan Detective Police have arrested two people in the case.

Not only Sumi, but 26 of the 36 Bangladeshis who migrated to Libya on May 26, 2020 without receiving a ransom, were shot dead in Mizda in the Sahara Desert. Another 11 Bangladeshis were injured in the incident. After the incident was publicized in the world media, the government sat motionless. At once indigenous people are campaigning across the country regarding arrest of traffickers. After that incident across the country there are also 29 cases.

Of these, 25 cases are under investigation. The crime investigation department (CID) of the police gets the responsibility of these, charge sheets have been filed against 299 people in 24 cases recently, 181 people have been arrested. When a red alert was issued in the name of 6 people, 2 people were sent back. Relevant sources said that an operation is being carried out to nab the remaining 134 people.

There are reports that members of this group are being trafficked to Libya in small groups in different districts of the country. They are trafficking dangerous humans to Europe via the Mediterranean. Fraudulent in these cases, many are reluctant to sue human traffickers after receiving a refund.

Some people file lawsuits but do not give the full name and address of the human trafficker. That is why the police have to get speed to catch them". It is known that there are 14 cycles of human trafficking inside the country and 4 more cycles in Libya-Europe, a total of 18 cycles are active. They have been smuggling Bangladeshis to Europe with the dream of a better life.

Since January 2019, the members of the gang have been collecting hundreds of Bangladeshis from different parts of the country and smuggling them to Libya with large sums of money through brokers. According to sources, human beings in Libya The smuggling ring has used four countries as routes for trafficking. There are more than 300 active members of 14 chakras in the country. There are four more Bangladeshi groups active in Libya.

These victims who went to Libya through brokers had to spend 4 to 5 lakh rupees. After visiting Libya in India, Nepal, Dubai and Egypt, the members of the clique were held hostage by the youth in search of fortune. Then another 10 to 12 lakh rupees was demanded. When they failed to pay the money, they were tortured and money was recovered from their families. The members of the smuggling ring in the country collect money.

They sent the money to Dubai through handi. From there the money is distributed step by step. There is also a separate cycle to Italy via Dubai, Amman and Libya. The members of this ring are Europe-centered human traffickers.  Additional Deputy Commissioner of Dhaka Metropolitan Detective Police Shahadat Hossain Suma said Afrin Ahmed received the migrants after they left for Dubai. At this time they (immigrants) were wearing blue vests (T-shirts).

As long as she is wearing a blue T-shirt, Afreen can understand that they are her people. From there they were sent to Amman, the capital of Jordan. He was then handed over to a Jordanian citizen wearing a Tia-colored vest. From there they were taken to Libya. After going there, he wore a black and white vest. Sajib, Manik and Zafar are staying at the Libyan airport. When they see the black and white vest, they can understand that these people are their clients.

They were later smuggled from Libya to Italy via Malta by boat or speedboat. He further said that Sujan, who was arrested in the incident, informed DB that his house was in Jagannathpur of Bhairab in Kishoreganj. He is the eldest of four brothers and one sister. His younger brother Sajib lives in Libya. Through him, Sajal of Jagannathpur in Bhairab, Vijay of Laxmipur village and Ishar Uddin of NurAlipur went to Libya. Among them Vijay and Ishar Uddin are missing.

According to the CID and Dhaka Metropolitan Detective Police, 161 people have been arrested so far in 25 cases in Libya. Of these, 42 arrested have testified in court. CID officials said more than 300 people from 14 circles in 15 districts of the country were involved in human trafficking. Among them, said human trafficking in the capital there is an active clique led by Kamaluddin alias Haji Kamal (arrested), Khalid Chowdhury, AbdusSattar.

ShaheenBabu, owner of Sky View Tours and Travels in PuranaPaltan, has also been arrested for human trafficking. Nur Hossain Sheikh, Nazrul, Robi, Julhas Sheikh, MirajHawladar, Russell Mir, Rajan alias Bullet, Momin, Elias Mir, Zakir Miah and a group of 25 people are active in human trafficking in Madaripur. Gopalganj is active under the leadership of Rob Moral, Kushtia.

Led by Kamal, led by Box Sardar of Faridpur, led by MoktarMollah in Narail, led by Shaon and Zafar Iqbal of Bhairab in Kishoreganj, led by Rafiqul Islam (Selim) and Hossain in Brahmanbaria, led by Sanatan Das alias Dada Sharif Hossain of Comilla, Shariq led by Barul, In Noakhali, a clique led by Rubel Mirza Nasir Uddin Mirza and Ripon Mirza is active. A clique led by Helal Mia, Khabir Uddin and Shahid Mia is active in Kishoreganj. Under Ashik's leadership, several gangs are active in human trafficking in Madaripur, Shariatpur, Gopalganj, Faridpur, Sylhet, Sunamganj, Noakhali and Brahmanbaria.

The government has taken initiative to make three rules to prevent human trafficking. Besides, it has been decided to form tribunals in seven sections for speedy disposal of cases under the Prevention and Suppression of Human Trafficking Act. Until this tribunal is formed, the case will be tried by the Women and Child Abuse Suppression Tribunal.

It has been decided to set up speedy trial tribunals in the divisional cities for speedy disposal of human trafficking cases. Cases under investigation related to fake passports to stop human trafficking need to be disposed of expeditiously. Giving a passport without verification should be discouraged so that no foreigner, including a citizen of Myanmar, can get a passport without verification with an emergency fee.

Taiaba Pushpo is a student of Department of sociology,
Jagannath University

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