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Food Also Helps the Sick Body to Heal

Food Also Helps the Sick Body to Heal

Today is Saturday, 16 October, World Food Day 2021, an internationally declared day. "Food" is an essential part of our lives. .In addition, "World Food Day" is celebrated by international organizations related to food security, such as the International Fund for Agricultural Development, the World Food Program, etc., to raise awareness among people around the world.

The day raises global awareness to ensure food security and the need for a nutritious diet for all. .The main goal of this day is food - on this occasion, to honor our farmers who produce food for our survival and our livelihood, and their hard work, the celebration of World Food Day began in 1981 with the first formality and theme With the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations was established on 16 October 1945.

The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) began its work with a commitment to provide the world's people with the food they need, and to build a world free of hunger and malnutrition. .Out of the world's 6.5 billion people, with a growing population, about 850 million are now starving to death.

That is why efforts are being made to halve the number of poor people by 2015, due to rising food prices, poverty, unequal food distribution, etc., before 2150.However, the relationship between agriculture and food is inextricably linked. If we talk about food excluding agriculture, it would be unreasonable. This time the premise is that a house in the current agri-friendly government is in line with a farm activity. .And the issue of food for all is inherent in the theme. There are over 1 crore houses in this agricultural country.

In the context of Bangladesh, homesteads are not only habitats but also centers of agriculture, fisheries, livestock, handicrafts and cottage industries. .In the habitats of our country, mainly vegetables, spices, herbs, herbs, poultry, cows, goats and fish are cultivated. These resources are not going to be utilized due to lack of adequate knowledge of the farmers.

A house in the present government can make a farm activity a success if the farmers' mindset is changed by the desired change of thinking and these dwellings can be attended to by knowledge based on practical information. If these activities are successful, it will be possible to eliminate the nutritional deficiencies of the country and will immediately help in the development of cottage industries.

This will increase the purchasing power of the farmers along with improving their fortunes and the farming families will be self-sufficient. .The agricultural clubs of this country can play a strong role in ensuring food and nutrition security for all by making proper use of the fallow lands of the country. In our country, agricultural clubs have been formed under various names, either publicly or privately.

Agricultural clubs are basically agriculture .However, in this age of information technology, an active agricultural club called Agricultural Information and Communication Center has been formed by the Agricultural Information Service of the Ministry of Agriculture to digitalize agriculture in Bangladesh. .There are computers, printers, web cams, mobile sets and SIMs, modems and internet SIMs and other modern equipment and facilities.

? History of World Food Day The member countries of the Food and Agriculture Organization established World Food Day at the 20th General Conference in November 1979 and called for the observance of World Food Day on 16 October 1981 .The decision was approved by the UN General Assembly on December 5, 1980, and called on the government and international, national and local organizations to contribute to the celebration of World Food Day.

World Food Day has been observed every year since 1981We all know that some foods / vegetables are also eaten raw. Because most of the nutrients are available in the raw state, most of its important properties are destroyed after frying for a long time..? Food plays an important role in the human body: - It is discussed below ... It is impossible to sustain our life without food. A strong, disease-free and healthy body is required for daily activities and movement.

And food is needed to maintain this healthy body. .Food builds, enhances and replenishes the body; Thermal energy and Increases performance. It also helps to keep it disease free. It also helps the sick body to heal. However, there are many categories of food. And it is very important for the body to know how much food is needed to keep the body healthy.

.By classifying food ingredients, we can divide these ingredients into six parts. These are also divided into main and secondary components. The main components of food are starch or sugars (sources - rice, wheat, maize, chira, murdi, sugar, potatoes, staple foods). Meat (source - fish, meat, eggs, milk, pulses, bean seeds, jackfruit seeds, nuts etc.)

Fatty foods (source-oil, ghee, butter, fat, etc.) * Minor components of the diet: Food or vitamins (source-colored vegetables, fruits, eggs, milk, liver, etc.)Mineral elements (source - small shrimp, small fish thorns, potato, kachushak, etc.).What are the goals of World Food Day One of the basic objectives is to give more special attention to agriculture in a large number of countries. .

Because there is no doubt that innumerable products can be taken for consumption. But try an economic cooperation between developed countries. It is true that besides this, more awareness is needed among the people. .Therefore, there are days like this, to try to preach and remember everything that is necessary and the work that needs to be done.

So it is
It also needs to be more helpful to be able to fight hunger and poverty in general but it has more, there are more goals and objectives like creating proper eating habits, as in many cases it is not. .Thus, sometimes the health conditions of the population are not favorable. And food around the world It is clear that we live in a world where needs do not seem to be met equally. .In some areas they have great resources and are not able to pay the price they need, while in others they are more difficult to achieve.

We are surrounded by different lifestyles and this means they are not always rightIt should be noted that every year there is a production that is more than actually needed for all of us who populate the world, but in a contradictory way, there are plenty of hungry people. .It is true that due to this production problem, it can also cause damage to biodiversity.

That's why food is so complex around the world. Food Day goals are a title or slogan every year since 1981 that says more than we can imagine. .Because everyone needs to be aware of what is really going on. In some countries There is the problem of poverty and the lack of food in other countries. A chain to get a good treatment so that it is stronger. If we look back, it is worth mentioning a few of the slogans we have raised. .'Food: Right to Priority'. It thus began in the 80s and in the middle of it was changed to "rural poverty" to focus on agriculture. In 1995, it was 'food for all'.

n addition, despite the food crisis in many countries of the world, under the guidance of the Prime Minister and the joint efforts of all, we have been able to overcome all the disasters and continue the ongoing trend of food production in the country. Hopefully, World Food Day 2021 will be a success. .Food and nutrition security will be ensured for all.

Dr Muhammad Mahtab Hossain Mazed is a Founder, Bangladesh Patient Welfare Society

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