Published:  09:40 PM, 20 October 2021

Bamboo-cane industry on the verge of extinction in Daudkandi

Bamboo-cane industry on the verge of extinction in Daudkandi

The traditional bamboo-cane industry is gradually on the verge of extinction in Daudkandi upazila of Cumilla district.  

The products made from bamboo and cane are no longer valued and losing its tradition day by day in the upazila.     

At one time the people of rural areas used cane and bamboo tools for household, agricultural and business purposes but now this industry is on the verge of extinction. Furniture made from bamboo and cane was also used in homes, offices and courts.     

Now, in the evolution of time, it was seen on the spot that the demand for this cottage industry has no more due to the increase of plastic and aluminum industries. Moreover, the raw materials of the industry, bamboo and cane, have become limited. For this, Plastics and aluminum industries have taken over the cottage markets.        

Moreover, the common people are now showing willingness to buy plastic products due to the reasonable prices. At one time, household and fancy goods were made with bamboo and cane in the villages of the country. The housewives used to make various products by cutting fresh bamboo and cane from the bushes near the house. They used to live by selling these bamboo made goods.    

However, bamboo and cane made products such as cane chairs, mats, baskets and bookshelves are now rarely seen in rural festivals and fairs. Where handmade palm leaf fans are not valued, it is a matter of luck to get these products!    

The demand for this handicraft is falling day by day. Rising prices, scarcity of bamboo and cane and light durable materials like plastic, silver and melamine have taken away the rural handicraft products from the life of the people.  

Samar Chandra Sarker (49), who came to sell bamboo and cane made products in the upazila's pouro sadar market, said, “I have been involved in this work for 20 years. Only a few families are holding on the bamboo-cane industry from extinction. Although many people have changed their profession but we have not been able to give up the handicraft profession of our ancestors. Now only the amateur people buy our bamboo-cane made products in the markets.”       

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