Published:  12:00 AM, 22 October 2021

Stepping Into the 17th with Success, Crisis and Potential

Stepping Into the 17th with Success, Crisis and Potential
Today's Jagannath University is a huge school built on the bank of Buriganga river. Jagannath University is the bearer, carrier and father of hundreds of years of history in various creations in Bangladesh. Which started from a sesame, but has now turned into a huge palm tree. This is to say that even though it started with a small school, it has evolved into a university at the highest level of education. Jagannath University is proudly occupying one of the most prestigious public universities in Bangladesh today. Tradition, struggle and success. This Jagannath University is witnessing a hundred years of history with a tremendous pace. But in the midst of this glory and success there are various crises. Yet Jagannath University is moving forward ignoring all crises.

Today is October 20, Jagannath University Day. After a long sixteen years, he started his journey in seventeen years. However, the Jagannath University that we see at the present time, the Jagannath University that teaches thousands of students to live with pride. Or was not established in a planned manner. That is why we have various crises. There is a huge story behind the creation of this famous Jagannath University today. History says that in the middle of the nineteenth century, a school named Brahma School started its journey on the banks of the river Buriganga. The school was established with the dedicated efforts of Dinanath Sen, Anathbandhu Moulik, Parvati Charan Roy, Brajsundar Mitra and others. There is some controversy about the founding of the Brahmo School. However, according to the calendar of the founder Anathbandhu Moulik and Calcutta University, the year 1857 is considered to be correct. Then Zamindar Kishorilal Roy Chowdhury changed the name of Brahma School to Jagannath School after his father Jagannath Roy Chowdhury. From then on, the reputation of Jagannath School spread all around. Later in 184 it became a second class college and in 1906 it became a first class college. After that, when Dhaka University was established in 1921, the graduation process was stopped and Jagannath College was demoted to Intermediate College. In 1949, undergraduate courses started again in this college. In 1973, Principal Saidur Rahman re-introduced co-education. Earlier, co-education was introduced in 1942 but it was discontinued in 1948. In 1986, the Pak army turned Jagannath College into a science college by suppressing the Jagannath College-centered freedom movement. The Commerce and Humanities Department was removed and a new Jinnah College (now Titumir College) was opened in Mohakhali. Then in 1972 Honors and Masters courses were introduced in Jagannath. At that time, like many other colleges in the country, this college was also a college under Dhaka University. Later, when the National University was established in 1992, the educational activities continued under the National University from 1991-1992 academic year. The University College was declared a full-fledged university. From then on, we got Jagannath University. To take Jagannath University as our own, to cherish Jagannath University in our hearts. Jagannath University, the bearer and bearer of tradition, started its journey in the seventeenth century with the glory, tradition, success, crisis and new possibilities in mind.

Although we have entered seventeen years since the founding of the university, we still have many limitations and the multifaceted crisis, including the housing crisis, the recreation crisis, the playground, and the infrastructural imperfections of a university. However, Jagannath University is moving forward in the midst of hundreds of obstacles and limitations. Jagannath University  teachers and students are working tirelessly to make themselves known as an international standard university. From the beginning, semester system has been introduced in all the departments of the university. Long ago, in the report of UGC, this institution has got the status of A-grade public university. The students of this institution have built their strong position in all the competitive examinations including BCS. The university administration took a landmark step to prevent fraud by introducing secret bar-code system in the admission test. And Jagannath University has made the lion's share in the admission test journey to alleviate the hardships of the candidates in the admission test.

The students of this famous Jagannath University have to go through various obstacles. They have to fight and live in every moment. Because Jagannath University is known as the only non-residential university in the country. Although the non-resident badge is fast approaching, the only student is Begum Fazilatunnesa Mujib through an official visit to the student hall. However, even though it is 16 years old, there is no accommodation for the students. As a result, the university students have to live in the dirty and crowded environment of old Dhaka.

However, overcoming various obstacles, Jagannath University is moving forward, overcoming hall problems, bus problems, library problems, lack of range, moving forward at a fast pace. Jagannath University is being awarded one national and international achievement after another. These have also contributed a lot. In addition to basic education, co-educational activities are flourishing, university students are winning the best place in various competitions at national and international level, cricket, football, karate, debate, including the best place at the national level.

In addition, the addition of new buses to the university bus pool, the solution to the library problem. And 14 years after the establishment of the first convocation on January 11, 2020. Which is memorable to us.In order to renovate this infrastructural university, in 2019, as per the directive of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, Jagannath University has deposited Tk 699.65 crore for land acquisition for setting up a new campus. Where 17.4 acres of land acquisition has been completed.

Efforts are being made to complete the work of the project by various government departments. This is a matter of great potential for us. A pleasant message. Jagannath University will take full shape in the new campus. Today's Jagannath University, which was formed from a school, is moving forward at a relentless pace, overcoming all obstacles, starting from education and culture. The small school built on the banks of the Buriganga, now called Jagannath University, will soon be developed as a role model for development and progress. Whose reputation and success have spread from one horizon to another. Let Jagannath University move forward by spreading the light of knowledge and enlightening the dark society.

Imran Hossain is a Student of Jagannath University

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