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Kabir Hossain: A successful entrepreneur in the digital world

Kabir Hossain: A successful entrepreneur in the digital world
When we turn the page of Facebook or newspaper, we see various advertisements and illustrations. These graphics are not created in the blink of an eye; Rather, it is the tireless story of a designer's creativity. Today we will learn the story of a graphic designer who has been working behind the scenes for two decades with relentless enthusiasm.

Kabir Hossain, a digital marketing expert, creative graphic designer, entrepreneur and blogger. He started his career with creative design. Then he started working in digital marketing. Achieved career-related success through a combination of creativity, enthusiasm and concentration. His demand for creative graphics design extends beyond the country's borders to the international market.

Kabir Hossain is a well-known name in the creative graphics design industry in Bangladesh. From daily newspaper to magazines or from advertisements to book covers - everywhere he leaves his mark of creativity indefinitely. Now working on digital marketing. He shared his thoughts and philosophy with us in conversation.

The way the work he started

Born and raised in Laxmipur. Work and study in Dhaka. When you started working in graphics design, the idea of ??computer design in Bangladesh was just beginning. As a result, he had to build himself up through various dangers and inadequacies. On the one hand there was the computer crisis and on the other hand there was a shortage of graphics design tutorials and teachers. However, he did not give up. From a keen interest in graphic design, he mastered various techniques. He then started working as a senior designer for The New Nations, the country's leading national English daily. He was involved in various magazines and journals including The Daily Ittefaq and Canvas.

Currently what he is doing

Kabir Hossain is now a complete entrepreneur. He left his job in 2016 and started the business. Founded a 360 Marketing agency called 'Brandylane'. Besides, he established a digital marketing agency called 'Digitent' in 2020 as a specialized company. Where various types of marketing services are provided including social media marketing, branding, advertising. Along with this he is writing various blogs related to marketing, branding and graphic design.

Digital marketing philosophy

Regarding digital marketing, Kabir Hossain thinks - “Digital marketing is the promotion of products using digital channels. Social media, search engines, influencer marketing - these are all part of digital marketing. " Kabir Hossain sees digital marketing as a huge field of opportunity. According to him, the importance of digital marketing is increasing day by day in the post-Corona epidemic marketing reality. As a result, the potential of young people in this field is relatively high. In this case, if you want to start working with digital marketing, you must first increase your skills. You need to know the use of different tools. He also emphasized on continuing research. What kind of content do people like? You have to think about the market. Because, in the case of digital marketing, the content of the latest content is very important.

Future plans

Kabir Hossain is now a full-fledged entrepreneur. When it comes to evaluating yourself, you think - the measure of success is still a long way off. So, you are constantly preparing to pour yourself. The goal is to make Digitent the number one digital marketing agency in the country and to introduce Digitent outside the country.

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