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Published:  08:56 PM, 24 December 2021

A Magic Christmas Ride

A Magic Christmas Ride

-Md. Raihan Kabir Prince

Looking for something new to watch?Kick and back and relax. There’s plenty to praise this year,as the classic story of Christmas gets a rewrite with thevery-anticipated new film “A Boy Called Christmas.” Watching festive films foments not only hope-filled holiday moments and happy escapes, but a well-reasoned culture. And that’s why thisicy, snow-filled, ever dreamy story appears to be exactly the kind of winter wonderland-ish, festive film people want to see on the year’s happy end. Considerate of Netflix.

Adapted from the well liked storybook authored by the bestselling novelist Matt Haig, A Boy Called Christmas is a touching tale – a tray of treats, combining allegory with adventure – a magical mix. Matt Haig tells this story with verve and style, offering a unique backstory of the annual celebration of Christmas. Too magical and relatable for its audience, the book was an instant bestseller and the story does recapture the public popularity of Christmas.

At the center of the story is the boyish, blue-eyed and blushing protagonist named Nikolas (played by the handsome Henry Lawfull) who, with the exception of a free flowing white beard, is almost channeling a wee little Santa Clause throughout the length and breadth of this classic Christmas charmer.Although small and delicate in stature, Nikolas is a lion heart. With his soft voice, his kind eyes, and his gentle smile, Nikolas could charm a bird out of a tree. The rest of the characters show all the nouns and verbs of a cozy Christmas story. As a sidekick, the story has a walking talking, do-it-all magical mouse that makes the most indelible impression and adds a great mentor-disciple dynamic. Feels like an extra sweet icing on the story line. Plus, the movie has a truth pixie that is head and shoulders above most. Through each of these characters and a handful of wonder-working sidekicks, A Boy Called Christmas constructs a dream catcher of moments.

In the fairy-tale setting of snow and white and sparkle,the movie also shows winter life and landscape in brilliant detail and dazzling colors. A feast for the eyes! You can almost taste the dirt and feel the cold of the place that the story is set in. Some stills from the film look almost a Monet painting, thanks to eye-grabbing graphics and splendid set designing.

The story is about Nikolas, who is almost like a kid-Columbus setting his lonely journey to discover a whole new fairyland – a fabled village of the elves called Elfhelm. That sounds like mission impossible. The plot has twists and turns that feel like the change which occurs when a little frog becomes a full blown prince. This movie swings open the gates to this majestic palace of wonderment. The pacing is perfect. As far as I’m concerned, I’ve only seen the official trailer and it was pretty impressive for a first pass. The story of this beyond brave boy really hits your heart.
If the holidays and celebrations are the catalysts that lift up your spirits, then A Boy Called Christmas is the movie magic that will power its forward thrust. Finally, we have a movie matched to the season and a story that helps you to settle back to dreamland. And getting to see this new flick is almost like discovering a sunken treasure. My movie watching game has been on tenfold during this last lockdown. And I’m definitely not going to miss the boat on this. Especially for a movie that has a story full of rhythm and rhyme and hope and laughter and joy and pain, all wrapped like piles of presents. Perfect for this holiday season. 

-Raihan Kabir Prince is a contributor

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