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Published:  06:55 PM, 06 January 2022

'Immunity must be enhanced by natural means'

'Immunity must be enhanced by natural means'

Dr. Mujibul Haque, a Bangladeshi-American physician and consultant professor at The Center for Integrated Medicine in the United States, said that human diseases do not occur all at once. Long-term eating habits depend on lifestyle and overall lifestyle. If a person wants to be completely healthy and keep himself healthy, he should first of all reduce his dependence on traditional medicine and give special importance to nutrition and diet.

He made the remarks while presenting a keynote address at a seminar on coronary health problems and remedies at a hotel in the capital Dhaka on Tuesday. Additional Secretary of the Ministry of Health Shahadat Hossain was present at the seminar organized by the American Center for Regenerative Health. At the seminar, the patients who recovered after receiving treatment under the supervision of Dr. Mujibul Haque shared their experiences of recovery.

Dr. Mujibul Haque said, "We need medical treatment to stay healthy." However, in addition to this, the combination of tested nutrition, regenerative medical therapy, scientifically proven natural medicine and above all, lifestyle modification should be given utmost importance. According to him, although medicine gives us temporary recovery, it has various side effects in the long run.In this case, it is necessary to reduce the amount of conventional medicine as much as possible and place special emphasis on natural medicine and healthy food.

He said that people do not get healthy as a result of overeating but they get sick and if that food is not healthy then its awfulness becomes more serious.According to him, if we avoid fast food and junk food, we can barely eat naturally produced food and medicine free, chemical free fish and chicken but if we eat food containing chemicals, then those chemicals cause various problems in our body which make us suffer for life. In this case, he advised everyone to become accustomed to healthy food and to adjust the value of work plan in a healthy way in daily life.

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